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Author Interview "Anthony Wright"

Anthony Wright is a native of Milwaukee, Wis. Where he was born and raised on Milwaukee’s north side. It was at an early age of 9 years old where he discovered the opportunity to earn money on his own. His father (James Wright) played a key role with his wisdom and support, he learned the fundamentals of making his own money and learned quickly why it is important to build strong relationships which would last for a life time. His mother (Eula Wright) playing a major key to him finding Christ. He learned how to incorporate Spiritual Wisdom and the Wisdom from his father to find success as a young entrepreneur. Anthony is grateful of the City of Milwaukee for the experiences he faced growing up, which he credits for developing a “HUSTLE” mentality he has developed over the years.

Anthony Wright now resides in Phoenix, AZ with his daughter Keenya Wright, where he has developed his own company AnthonyWright.Net which will help the present and next generation in finding success in their personal lives.

“Hello, Anthony! Can you tell us a little bit about your new book Stolen Bottles?

The book Stolen Bottles is a story about my very first job and how it leads into me running my very own business collecting bottles. While working, and collecting bottles I developed fundamental principles to being an entrepreneur. These same principles I live by today to run my businesses. Fundamental principles to running a business are timeless and they never change.

What inspired you to write Stolen Bottles?

I taught high school for 15 years for a school that had a large population of at-risk students. I grew up in the same type of environment and I found myself sharing my experiences on how I survived in my neighborhood and dealt with the day to day things in my community. After years of sharing my stories I realized the principles I was sharing hadn’t changed and my students were applying them to their life and getting positive results. I wanted to share these same principles with the next generation, but didn’t know how to make it happen. One morning on my way to work I realized I could write a book and reach them this way.

What draws you to writing for children versus writing for adults?

With this book, I have learned children are a blank canvas and the first imprint to their canvas can last a life time weather good or bad. I work on being the first to make that first imprint by introducing them to seeing their dreams when it presents itself to them. Many of times as parents we don’t believe something can be possible in our child’s life because of the present state the family may be experiencing. Not realizing what our children are seeing is called a “seed” and is made to be watered and nourished until it’s time for it to come into existence, which may take years until the child has built up enough confidence to go after it.

With adults, it’s like the old saying, “It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks” But notice it doesn’t say, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, it’s just hard to teach an adult as they become older and set in their ways. They become less motivated to learn new things.

Why did you decide to write an entrepreneurship book for kids?

Writing Stolen Bottles didn’t start off being a children’s book. I was writing it for the young teenagers or young adults. When I began to write, I realized the seed of being an entrepreneur was planted in me at an early age. In the beginning of the first chapter, I start out explaining how I couldn’t sleep and I felt my life was about to change. What I learned as an adult those sleepless may be the Universe trying to tell or show us something and if we are busy sleeping we will miss what is in store for us. I believe there are many children who have experienced these sleepless nights, but have no idea what is taking place. I believe dreams are developed in the earlier years of our lives through these sleepless nights. This principle is true for all ages. We have many adults who have a hard time trying to get sleep at night, but are not aware of what may be taking place. I have a meme I wrote that explains, “Insomnia is not a bad thing…Some of the greatest ideas are discovered during sleepless nights”

What message do you want children to take away from your book?

I would like for them to know things they may see that may look unbelievable because of their present state and that their present state has nothing to do with what was shown to them in a dream or an idea that may have just popped inside their head. They must understand that this is about a seed being planted and it takes years to grow and it will come to pass if they don’t give up believing it. What are some of your recommended business ideas for kids who are inspired to start companies after reading your book?

It’s funny that you ask. I always find ways to make money, but because my schedule is so busy I don’t have the time to do them and it would make an excellent fit for a kid who is looking to make some money.

There are several things kids can do today to make money. For example:

- Trash Can Service: If a child lives in a subdivision, most of them have a certain day the garbage truck comes to pick up trash. I don’t know about you, but I always forget to take the trash can out the night before. A kid could go to each house and offer a service of pulling out the trash can the night before and setting it in front of the house and the next day putting the trash can back in their neighbor’s yard. They could easily charge $4-$5 a week for this service. Most adults would pay the $5 just because the kid is trying to make some money. Of course, I would have them take a client list and have their parents go by each client and meet them personally for the safety of their children. If they live in an apartment complex I would do the same, but have a certain day to come by and pick up trash to take it to the dumpster. A kid could make some good money just going around picking up trash from neighbors. If you think about it apartment complexes are huge these days and picking up trash 2-3 times a week can add up.

- Car Wash: This is an oldie but classic. I started my first a car wash when I was around 12yrs old up until I was around 19yrs old. This was not just some car wash like you see on the weekend a school is using to raise money. I was a personal hand car wash service. My neighbors would drop their car off for me to wash it for them, but people must know it’s a skill to hand wash a car the correct way. There are many neighbors who would rather take their car down the street to a neighbor rather than waiting at a car wash.

- Rummage Sale Consignment: A kid could easily go look for rummage sales and buy things for cheap and sell them from their home or online. Offer-up can be a valuable resource for a young entrepreneur. The internet can save a lot of money and time.

These are just to name a few ways to make money and become an entrepreneur today.

Can we expect any more books from you in the future?

Yes, I have three e-books and two instruction manuals being released this year. The “Foreman’s Table”, which is a book on how I became one of the youngest Electricians to make it to the Foreman’s table. It’s about being effective in the work place. “Hustling Isn’t For Everyone”, this book explains how to work smart and not hard. Using your resources around you to make things easier for you financially. I am still working on the title for the third book. My two instruction manuals I call them are, “What To Do When You Can’t Sleep” and “What To Do When You Hate Your Job.”

Follow along with Anthony as he starts his business and builds relationships that foster his success. Funny, smart, and creative, see the world through Anthony’s eyes as he turns his free time into money. Summer vacation will never be the same again as Anthony quickly learns the fundamentals of building a business and how to have fun while doing it. So what are you waiting for? Prepare for summer fun and grab your copy of Stolen Bottles: Fundamentals of Being an Entrepreneur today!

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