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Author Interview "Stacy Roberts"

You currently have two books published. Please tell us a little about each of your books.

I love using literature to work with children and teach them Godly and valuable lessons. Boomer Be Nice is the first book I published. It focuses on the importance of being kind to others and treating people with respect. This story is a great way to address the subject of anti-bullying. Roscoe’s Rescue brings attention the importance of first aid and safety. This story actually introduces the Heimlich maneuver to kids and is a great tool to use in showing them of what to do if an emergency occurs. What motivated you to write "Boomer, Be Nice!" and "Roscoe's Rescue"?

I have always loved to read and write. I enjoy working with children and writing stories for them. I know what it’s like to be bullied and wanted to write a story to show kids the importance of being kind. Our four dogs were the motivation for the characters. Their names are Billionaire, Boomer, Charlie, and Donut. We use to have another one named Heisman and he was true bully to his “dog siblings.” After watching his behavior, I thought it would be good to combine my personal experiences along with our dog’s shenanigans to create stories to share with children. Along with my mother’s dogs and our crew, we have the characters for Boomer Be Nice and Roscoe’s Rescue. Roscoe is actually one of my mother’s toy poodles. Boomer’s character is based on Heisman’s antics before he passed away and it’s a great way to keep his memory alive.

I also use to work in childcare and saw how children and teachers would freeze when a serious emergency happened. I thought it would be good to write a story to show children what to do in the case of an accident occurring. Being able to plant positive seeds through literature is very motivating. You're a licensed minister, certified executive, personal development coach, author and speaker. Pretty impressive! How has your other career experiences influenced the author you are today?

I love God and use my books as a way to spread His word. I once heard that what you can’t stand, you were meant to change. When coaching and speaking, I encounter adults who don’t always behave as they should. I wonder, if it applies, what lesson was missed in their childhood that makes them feel they can conduct themselves in an unprofessional manner. I really dislike that. So to create change, I write for children to plant positive seeds they can carry through life. I also coach and am currently working on books for adults assist them as well. Your books explore two serious topics: bullying and first aid. What do you hope your readers (adults and teens) take away from your books concerning these two important issues?

With Boomer Be Nice, I want people to understand how important it is just to be kind. We never know everything that people are going through in their personal and professional lives. Sometimes, we are the only positive experience they will have in a given day. I want people of all ages to understand the impact and consequences of their actions and to think outside of themselves.

Roscoe’s Rescue is a great resource to teach people to not panic when situations get hectic. I want people to not only understand the importance of first aid and safety, but also effective communication and using wisdom when they act. Bullying is a big topic in schools and the media these days. What should teachers, parents, and community partners do about bullying?

I honestly believe it starts at home. Parents are the most influential people in their children’s lives so it’s important that they teach them how to treat others with respect and as they want to be treated. It’s also important that they lead by example. Teachers and community partners should be able reinforce what parents should be implementing at home.

However, we know that that is not always the case. So I think that awareness and accountability are key in combating bullying. We have to understand why a child is bullying, hold them accountable, and guide them in the right direction. Sometimes, bullies take attention away from children that aren’t misbehaving because they can be a lot to handle. Remember to acknowledge the positive behavior too and teach children to always stand up for what’s right. Intervention has been proven as a strong way to stop bullying in the moment it’s happening. Children also have to be taught to be strong and resilient. Since one cannot control another person’s behavior, they have to learn to stand in the face of adversity.

Every thing that is implemented needs to be strategic and done with purpose. Teachers, parents, and community partners must work together. This is not the only answer in what should be done about bullying. There are many other programs, initiatives, and organizations in place that have excellent plans and ideas to address bullying.

In your opinion, what should children and teens do if someone is bullying them?

I believe that children should stand up for themselves and be able to tell an adult with the assurance of follow through. Whether it’s a parent, teacher, family member, etc. They need to be taught what to do if they’re bullied. Sometimes they’re nervous about doing that due to concern that they bullying will get worse. Teach children to be strong. They also have to know when it’s wise to not react and handle a bully in an alternate way. Any words of advice for aspiring authors reading this interview?

Write that book! You have a story to tell and someone is waiting on you to write it.

Hire a coach if necessary. Sometimes, aspiring authors don’t know where or how to start. Don’t be afraid to say you need help and take the steps to get it. I offer a writing class to aspiring writers and there are other resources available too.

Don’t give up! It may seem like things aren’t moving as fast as you thought they would. It’s ok. God’s timing is a beautiful thing,

Don’t wait until your book is finished to start marketing. Get the buzz going during the publishing process. It will do wonders for your book once it’s released.

What’s next on the horizon for you as an author?

I have two more children’s books that are written and will be published within the next 12 months. One is book #3 in my Poochton Pup series and the protagonist will be our girl, Donut! This one will be used to teach children leadership lessons.

I also am working on a book for women that have experienced some hardships in life. It details my personal testimony and will encourage women that with God, we can overcome anything. I’m really excited about this project and know that it will make a great impact through the book, conferences and a powerful movement. Stay tuned! More awesomeness is in the works!

Stacy Roberts is a licensed minister, certified executive and personal development coach, author, and speaker. She is the president of SMR Leadership Solutions in Evans, GA. She has a BA in Marketing and a Master of Business Administration in Human Resources. She is married with four dogs and loves spending time with her family, working with youth, and coaching others.

Stacy is the author of two children's books, Boomer Be Nice (2015) and Roscoe's Rescue (2016). Boomer Be Nice focuses on anti bullying and being kind to others while Roscoe's Rescue brings attention to the importance of knowing first aid and safety. More are in the works! She loves using literature to teach children valuable lessons and skills that they can carry throughout their lives. She believes that leadership skills can be taught at a young age and help children develop into wholesome and successful adults. Stacy wants God to continue to use her books and testimony to inspire people of all backgrounds and make a great impact in this world.

Boomer Be Nice and Roscoe's Rescue can be purchased on,, and

Connect with the author:

Instagram: @coachstacyroberts

Twitter: @smjr83

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