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Author Interview "Melissa Bender"

Please tell our readers a little about yourself.

I'm a mother of 3 little kids under 8! When I'm not writing I love to cook, which I make a lot of raw vegan desserts and supply a local cafe with. Most my time is spent home with the kids as hubby works overseas.

Could you tell us a bit about your book and why it is a must-read?

Haven't you seen the cover?! Its about an older man with kids and a younger woman, they have an insane passionate relationship but his ex lives next door causing all sorts of problems for the two of them! Slowly cracks begin to show. There's a lot of sex, romance and drama!

What inspired you to write your book?

Ha! It was based on a conversation I've heard from a close relative, just venting her situation to me which is similar but also very different. I thought it would make a great story to write and read.

What was the most challenging aspect of writing your book?

Making sure to include enough information with the kids. They're a major part of this story.

Do you have any unique or quirky writing habits?

I'm probably very detailed. I like to find a lot of images and research houses, people, jobs, places. Everything that involves the story I write about. Then I write the book. And then rewrite he entire thing once again from chapter one, going over what I've written and adding in or deleting parts.

How did you come up with the title for your book?

It just stuck out to me. I didn't think too hard about it. Griffin has bad habits and Ayla wanted to break them.

Is there a message you want your readers to take away from your book?

There is no real message to this, just maybe think twice about dating an older man and giving up everything like Ayla did.

Do you have any advice for the yet-to-be-published writers reading this?

Don't give up. Follow your dreams because one day they can come true!

What are you working on now?

A love story which is a little more sad than the others. Its about forgiving and making choices to stay or let go.

What is your preferred method to have readers get in touch with or follow you (i.e., website, personal blog, Facebook page, etc.) and link(s)?

Wattpad or my Facebook page. I'm always on both of them xx Facebook: Wattpad: Or find me on Goodreads or check my website! Find me on Goodreads: Grab goodies on my website:


Breaking Old Habits “I had one deal breaker between us—two, actually: You sticking your dick in another girl, and you going inside her house.” I’m Ayla—Ayla Morgan, that chick with tats and long, black hair. Totally screams bad girl, right? Except I wasn’t. I’m just a regular twenty-two-year-old girl working at my mum’s café. I’m honestly a good girl—unless we’re talking about what goes under the sheets. And my tattoos? When you date an architect slash tattoo artist, I guess you just let him draw. He’s Griffin—Griffin James, my tattooed, extremely handsome, long-haired boyfriend with a glorious full beard. He’s thirty-seven and has twin sons. I have moved in with them, and the kids love me as I adore them. Having them around is no big deal—but his ex-fiance from hell constantly turning up uninvited in our home is. She lives just across the road and is having free-reign over our lives: stealing things and insulting me in front of the kids to boot. God knows what she has on her evil, conniving mind… but I bet it’s about making my life a living hell and breaking us up. And Griffin’s letting her, his idea of keeping the peace for the kids—or at least that’s what he said. For a long time, I believed him, willing to let things stay the same for the sake of my hot new love. But the ghosts of his past are haunting us…suffocating me, fucking me over, and breaking my heart. I am turning into a hormonal, paranoid mess—the kind of girl I swore I would never be. Something has to give, or it’s my mind that’s gonna break. Will I get him to change his ways? Will we ever escape Karen’s nasty grasp? Griffin’s old habits might just come back to bite him in the ass—bite him so hard that he realises just how much he wants it and just how close he is to losing it all. A steamy, erotic romance book with just the right amount of kink and BDSM. Not for the faint-hearted. Grab your copy now!

About the Author:

I'm wife to a FIFO miner. Mother of three. Passionate foodie, and a vivid dreamer. Living in a small beach town in the lovely Tasmania. I spend my time between home and down at the beach… making memories, and capturing the moments. When I'm not glued to my laptop, I'm either in the kitchen creating recipes, cooking, or having a Netflix binge session. Often, I find myself drifting off into the world of make believe, getting lost inside the stories I write.. I write because it's my passion. I want to create a world for my readers to get lost in.. For them to swoon, and fall in love the way I do with each character made.. Oh, and I love starbursts! Sweetly, Melissa xx

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