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Author Interview "Prince W. Dykes"

Please tell our readers a little about yourself.

I was born in Augusta, GA and raised in Waynesboro, GA. I currently live in Hawaii on the island of Oahu with my wife of 8 years Yolanda and our 6-year-old son Wesley. I grew up with little to no knowledge about finances but later was introduced to finances while serving as a logistics specialist on submarines in the US Navy.

While serving I went on to earn my Associate, Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Business Administration, series 65, series 63, Life and health insurance licenses and Certified Financial Educator Instructor Certification while serving active duty in the military.

In 2013 I founded my company Royal Financial Investment Group, and began teaching people about finances on my Facebook Page called “Royal Financial Investment Group which turned into a YouTube channel and podcast titled “The Investor Show”. The show is doing very well with over 50,000 followers worldwide.

In 2015 I invested in two start ups companies called ‘The Global Gallery and DeWalt Brewing Company. I went on to launch the worlds first venture capitalist app called “IABOH”(Investors And Business Owners Hub) and the worlds first investment book for children titled “Wesley Learns to Invest”. In 2016 I published the financial literacy cartoon “Wesley Learns” and was a finalist to be featured on ABC hit show “Shark Tank”. This year we published the second book in the Wesley Learns series titled “Wesley Learns About Credit”. I’m also the host the host of a show called “The Prince of Investing” broadcasted local here in Hawaii by ThinkTech Hawaii.

With all that you have going on you have still managed to add author to your list of achievements. Can you give us a brief description of both of your books and the inspiration behind them?

When I learned the power of investing I shared it with my parents and they said they wish they had known about it when I was a kid. I made it my goal to break the cycle and to start teaching my son. In 2013 I started adding my then two year old son Wesley to my youtube channel “The Investor Show”. In 2014 we wrote our first book “Wesley Learns To Invest” and published it in 2015. The “Wesley Learns” series is inspired by my six year old son Wesley Dykes as a way to educate kids and adults on investing and credit.

Your books, "Wesley Learns About Credit" and "Wesley Learns to Invest"

focus on financial literacy. Why did you choose to cover these topics in a children's book rather than a book for adults?

While serving in the military as an Command Financial Specialist I notice the financial industry was centered around teaching adults and repairing bad situations. I figured instead of teaching adults about financial literacy how could I prevent these situations. So I decided to cover financial literacy in a children’s books due to their not being any books that actually teach kids about investing and about credit. I wanted to break down some complex topics where children can learn about investing and credit in a kid friendly way.

In both books you introduce the topic of financial literacy marvelously. One of the most impressive qualities of both of your books is your ability to cover complex topics such as credit scores, and the stock market in a manner that young readers can understand. What do you hope young readers and their parents will take away from your books?

I was hoping that anyone who reads Wesley’s Learns to Invest and Wesley Learns about Credit would be able to understand the basics of how to invest, the meaning of credit and the importance of having it. Which might make a difference in their life now and in the future.

Besides your children's books, you also host "The Investor Show," correct? Please tell our readers more about your show.

Yes, that’s correct I do host a show called “The Investor Show” that is Executive Produced by Chadrick Davis . The Investor Show that is featured on YouTube, Podcast, twitter, Facebook and Instagram, which focuses on financial literacy. The purpose of this was to reach out through Social Media, to educate a whole new generation of adults and children about finances. The show has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Iheart Media and Berkshire Hathaway. Featured on the Show we have had: Founding Executive and Senior VP of Yahoo Ellen Siminoff, Chief Editor of Yahoo Finance Andy Serwer, business mogul Micheal V. Roberts, Cookie legend Wally “Famous” Amos, Hedge Fund Manger Whitney Tilson, Ex U.K Hedge Fund Manager Lars Krojer, CNN financial contributor Clyde Anderson, Hong Kong Tech Angel Investor Julian So, Wall Street billion dollar fund manager James Foytlin, multi-millionaire penny stock trader Timothy Sykes, former pro NFL athlete Marques Ogden and many more.

Can you tell us anything about your upcoming animated series? We can’t wait to tune in!

The financial literacy cartoon “Wesley Learns” is something that is still growing and can be seen on Thinktech Hawaii and social media at this time. Wesley explains different financial topics and viewers can watch as Wesley goes through life learning all sorts of financial lesson.

I'm curious as to why you chose the self-publishing route. In your opinion what are the advantages and disadvantages of being a self-published author?

I didn‘t have any publishing companies interested in publishing my material so I had to do it my self. I like the self-publishing route because I own all the rights to all my work, and can chose to do with it as I may. Also with building a brand it’s a must that I own the rights to my work. I don’t have to deal with or go through several people in order to do things like book signings, book launches etc.

The advantages of me having self-published work is having the power to edit, design, control how my work is sold, how much it is sold for, and where I can use my work like my cartoon series.

The disadvantages of having self-published work is having to handle everything on my own like marketing, up front cost, and not being able to get shelve space in major book stores.

What advice would you give to an aspiring author reading this interview?

Build your own platform and brand before launching your book. This way you have an audience that will be open to your product. Be yourself because in the social media age people will see through gimmicks and people love real and honest people.

What can we expect from you next? Any book tours or book signings scheduled that you would like to share with us?

I’m not a big fan on speaking on upcoming things but I will say tuned and follow me on upcoming schedules.

About the Books:

Wesley Learns About Credit

When Wesley goes to his Uncle Rob's house for summer break, he has no idea he's going to learn about something entirely new. Uncle Rob has wanted a new car for a while. When he spots a great deal for one online, he takes Wesley to the dealership with him to check it out. Unfortunately, there is a problem with Uncle Rob's credit, and the deal can't be made. Uncle Rob sadly leaves without the car, and this leaves Wesley confused and perplexed about just what credit is. As he learns the ins and outs of credit, Wesley comes up with a brilliant idea to help Uncle Rob. Follow Wesley as he learns the lessons of what it means to have, maintain, and restore credit. This children's story shows how one little boy learns about credit, offering a kid-friendly introduction into the world of credit and finance.

Wesley Learns to Invest

For the first time ever a fiction book offers a kid friendly introduction to the stock market and investing.

Young Wesley is about to turn eleven years old, and he really wants a new GS4 gaming system. But money doesn't grow on trees, so Wesley will have to work hard and save his money to be able to make that purchase. Wesley's dad helps him out by teaching himthe importance of investing and how stocks work.

Wesley Learns to Invest follows Wesley and his dad as they walk through a financial journey-from discovering what the stock market is, to choosing the right stocks, making a purchase, and receiving a dividend check. With his dad's advice, Wesley is able to set goals and work toward them.

Offering a gentle introduction to stocks and long-term goals,Wesley Learns to Invest offers a fun and engaging way for adults to demonstrate to children the value of making smart decisions and spending money in a way that will yield the best benefit rather than simply seeking instant gratification.

“Wesley Learns About Credit and Wesley Learns to Invest” can both be found online (hardcover, paperback, eBook and audiobook) on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Nobles, and more.

About the author:

Prince Dykes is the host of The Investor Show, 4x Award-Winning Author, Investment Advisor and International Speaker, who has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, iHeart Radio, Fortune, The Huff Post and He has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Masters in Business Administration. Mr. Dykes then became an Investment Advisor Representative and a Securities Agent by North American Securities Administrators Association. In addition to his work with Royal Financial Investment Group, Prince Dykes proudly serves his country as a serviceman on active duty. He is a Waynesboro, Georgia native, and the youngest of four boys. When he’s not working, Dykes enjoys spending time with his family and listening to music.

Connect with the author:

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