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Author Interview "Curtis W. Jackson"

Please tell our readers a little about yourself.

Waiting for Regina is a dream come true as a personal accomplishment; it's my first novel. Currently, my position is a home health aide, my residence is on Long Island, New York where I grew up in Bay Shore. I am a college student majoring in Graphic Design. Could you tell us a bit about your book and why it is a must-read? Yes, the story involves a number of important and sensitive modern day themes including coping with the death of a companion, close friendships and family life, along with the social issue of colorism. Taking one of those topics, colorism, merits our examination and candor discussions personally and across the whole of society.

Waiting for Regina is a novel for our times with invaluable lessons revealing how people as individuals and families could make a powerful impact. That is, if we don't want to wait for the whole world to agree to do something right together for us to make wise decisons and take positive action. What inspired you to write your book? I am a eyewitness and benefactor of caring people who put others' lives before their own unselfishly. In spite of giving all they could I notice how happy and problem-less their lives were over the course of time. We reside in a world that discourage maintaining moral values. I wanted to write a novel about those heroes in our life time and celebrate their goodness. What was the most challenging aspect of writing your book?

Economics, I was enduring unemployment and lack of funds. I would have published my book earlier if the piggy bank was fuller and consistingly replendished. Also, I started attending school which requires a committment of time along with other obligations. Do you have any unique or quirky writing habits?

I could not think of any at the moment. How did you come up with the title for your book?

Waiting for Regina is based on a short story which also have the separation of two intimate friends. The title sort of developed from the flow the story summing up into the last chapter. It is a little funny, I was unaware the expression, 'Waiting for Regina' is associated with a prime-time television fanasty show not seen by me. I hope people could make the distinction.

Is there a message you want your readers to take away from your book?

In the novel, Mispha faced a tough decison that would affect her future associations. She ponders how her family and friends would be affected, especally her younger brother William. That is a scene that prevails beyond the disapproval of one's skin color. Any other individual could cause damage or come to our rescue. No matter how dark she is, Mispha have the potential to do what benefitual for any one of us. In view of that prospect, she should be regarded and any person differing in physical appearance from us. The novel does not preach, so I hope the reader will arrive at the best and honest conclusion of what is right or wrong. Do you have any advice for the yet-to-be-published writers reading this?

The novel is set in 1986 to 1987, and the years proceeding to 1994. There were opportunities to incorporate a lot of the 1980's slang and jive talk. For example, there was the yupple chit chat. All that would make little sense for today's readers, because much of it been outdated. Thus underlines the importance of maintaining how standards of English, of good writership.

Common sense is always up to date, slang and hip sayings often are unnecessary. I encourage them to uphold those high standards and excel in their writing skills and reading. Also, as many are aware, publishing is not sure track for success, please goven your expections, be realistic of the odds, the pros and cons. What are you working on now?

I am preparing a publication which includes a collection of my previous blog articles in news commentary. It will be called Curtis on the News: The Unfinished Chronicles, 2008-2013. What is your preferred method to have readers get in touch with or follow you (i.e., website, personal blog, Facebook page, etc.) and link(s)? I don't do Twitter and Facebook. There is a blog site of my writing, 57 Pages by Curtis W. Jackson, here is the link:, people may comment on it if they wish. I have a Pinterest account as well as Behance, Goodreads, and Smashwords.

Individuals may comment on the book's product pages at Amazon, Lulu, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords. They can express whatever they agree with the book reviewers or something else relative. And I thank them in advance for reaching out. Of course, my graititude to you and your readers for this interview, thank you.

About the book:

Waiting for Regina is a fictional memoir and youth drama. The story relates a young woman mentally to herself corresponding to her intimate friend whom she has not seen in years. Mispha, as she is waiting for a reunion with Regina recalls their senior year in high school. During that time, Mispha because of her dark skin complexion confronts discrimination, while the two companions cope with the death of a ​close friend.

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About the author:

Born in the mid-1960's Curtis W. Jackson spent most of his life living on Long Island. He currently attends Full Sail University in Graphic Design.

Examples of Graphic Design work by Curtis W. Jackson:

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