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Author Interview "Mz. Couture"

Please give our readers a brief description of your book “Nobody’s Daughter” and the inspiration behind it.

Nobody's Daughter is an urban fiction based out of Washington, DC. The story is about a young girl who was raised by her father. She yearned to be with her mother, but due to personal issues her mother had, she couldn't. Loveli's dad moved her to Maryland where she began to rebel against her parents. She began making decisions that placed her in dangerous situations. Because of the type of relationship she had with her mother and father, she ended raising herself and getting involved deeply into the streets. The inspiration behind the story is the life I see so many of our young teenagers forced to live. They are basically raising themselves and felt it would be a good thing to create a story they could relate to.

It’s common for readers to believe that novelists pull material from their own lives. Was any of the material in your book harvested from your personal life experiences?

Definitely! The story is fictional, but I absolutely included some of my own experiences in the story.

How did you come up with the character Loveli?

For many years, I dreamed of writing a book and for some reason Loveli just seemed like the perfect name for the character. In my imagination, Loveli is a beautiful young girl with a beautiful spirit who just gets caught up in some of the wrong things.

Did the story-line for “Nobody’s Daughter” change at all when you started writing it? (I’ve often heard authors say stories have a life of their own once they start writing.)

Yes! I would start to write in a certain direction with a certain plot twist, but as I wrote another plot twist would come to me that I felt would be more relatable to my readers.

What was the hardest part of writing Nobody’s Daughter?

The hardest part was dealing with my own personal issues. As I stated earlier, I added some of my own experiences in the book. I was a victim of addiction so a lot of times my addiction drew me away from my passion of writing. It took me a very long time to finish Nobody's Daughter. Once I was able to get myself together it took no time to complete.

Who are your biggest literary influences? Wow! Takerra Allen, BM Hardin, Keisha Ervin, and Wahida Clark

Tell us a bit about Spiritually Free Publishing The purpose of Spiritually Free Publishing is to create stories that relay a message of triumph. We go through so many obstacles in life and as humans we feel defeated. I wanted to focus my stories every day obstacles individuals endure and show that it is possible to overcome those obstacles. I chose to write Urban Fiction because I felt like I could reach the audience of people who could relate to those obstacles. My goal is to inspire people to continue to fight through life's toughest times.

Why did you choose the self publishing route? After researching publishing companies, I found that they were receiving more credit from my efforts than I would. I also wanted the option to market and advertise my book the way I wanted. I plan to one day be able to use my books to speak at different seminars for inspiration.

Any words of advice for aspiring authors reading this interview?

I would say to never give up and never stop writing. If writing is your passion, do it because it makes you feel good. Don't do it for the money. Don't get discouraged when others don't like your work. Take it as constructive criticism. Put yourself on a schedule so that you can work towards your craft on a consistent basis.

What’s next on the horizon for you? I'm currently in the process of completing the sequel to Nobody's Daughter. It's called Still Nobody's Daughter. I also have another novel I've started that will be released after the sequel called Dangerously in Love. I'm also creating a blog site that focuses on overcoming everyday obstacles.

About the book

Have you ever been broken? Life for Loveli Evans has never been easy. She’d been through more than most at such a young age and Life had no plans on letting up on her. She longed for a mother’s love, and despite her mother’s past, when the opportunity presented itself, she jumped at the chance to be with her. But at what cost? After moving with her mother, Loveli’s life goes from bad, to worse, and she finds herself in a world of hurt and trouble. The unthinkable, the unspeakable starts to happen to Loveli and she’s forced to face the ugly truth; a truth that even she wasn’t ready see. Heartache after heartache, and more pain than pleasure, Loveli looks for a light at the end of the tunnel.

But where is it?

About the author

Victoria Foreman also known as Mz. Couture a Washington, DC native, is the founder of Spiritually Free Publishing. Mz. Couture has always had a passion of reading and writing. Throughout her grade school years, Mz. Couture wrote dozens of short stories. After maturing in her adult years, she decided to write an urban fiction novel where her readers could become her characters. After researching several publishing companies, Mz. Couture decided to start her own publishing company. The focus of Spiritually Free Publishing is to create stories that are engaging to your every day person. Spiritually Free Publishing's books will almost always relay of message of triumph and overcoming obstacles by using stories that can happen in your everyday life.

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