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Author Interview "Shavonda Robinson"


Please tell our readers a little about yourself.

I'm a native of Nashville, Tennessee, and the mother of two beautiful children. I'm also an award-winning author, poet, and songwriter. I recently started an online poetry magazine (Create Something) for poets and writers. My work has been published in several anthologies and magazines.

Could you tell us a bit about your book and why it is a must-read?

This novel is about a crazed woman who was locked up in prison for 15 years for murdering random teenagers all over town. She is finally released. However, her plan is to continue her murderous ways. This novel is a gripping, mysterious, surprising and interesting tale that will keep your eyes glued on the story from page to page.

What inspired you to write your book?

I'm a murder mystery lover! It has always been my dream to write murder mysteries. I love writing books for people just like me who love these type of stories.

What was the most challenging aspect of writing your book?

Making sure I don't use the same idea twice in my stories can sometimes be a challenge for me.

Do you have any unique or quirky writing habits?

No. I don't really have any unique or quirky writing habits.

How did you come up with the title for your book?

Before I start writing any of my work the title usually comes to me first. I guess i'm a natural with coming up with great book titles.

Is there a message you want your readers to take away from your book?

Yes. You can never be too careful.

Do you have any advice for the yet-to-be-published writers reading this?

It's simple. Just believe in yourself.

What are you working on now?

I'm working on a few new projects at the moment. I don't want to give too much away, but stay on the lookout for more books from me.

What is your preferred method to have readers get in touch with or follow you (i.e., website, personal blog, Facebook page, etc.) and link(s)?

Check out ShavondaRobinson (@ShavondaRobin16):

About the author

Shavonda Robinson is an award winning author, songwriter, and poet. She has been published in many anthologies and magazines. Her books include; Thy paintbrush to abstracting images, Hidden voices of abuse for women all around the world, and My Worst Mistake.

Along with being an author, Shavonda is also the founder of an online poetry magazine for poets and writers called, Create Something.

Shavonda currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee and is the mother of two beautiful children.

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