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Author Interview "Tamala Coleman"

Born in Nuremburg, Germany, Tamala currently resides in Powder Spings, Georgia. As a little girl, she dreamt of becoming a writer. She thought that it would only be a fantasy for her. However, when she grew into adulthood, her childhood dream became a reality.

Exclusive Interview

-Please tell our readers a little about your most recent book “Woman in the Mirror.”

“Woman In the Mirror” was born out of a love for women who feel they are only a pretty face. It helps women to understand their worth , their value and that individually they are more than what meets the eye. Beauty is only skin deep. If you look good on the outside and empty and feel ugly on the inside then you aren’t really whole and living the way God will have for you to live.

-What’s the most surprising thing you learned about yourself while writing this book?

The most surprising thing I learned while writing this book was that there was a time in my life when I did not feel worthy or beautiful. I did not feel beautiful enough to be in the company of other externally beautiful women. I had to learn to love myself and take a good look on the inside.

-What “message” do you hope your readers will receive from ” Woman in the Mirror?”

The message I want readers to receive from “Woman in the Mirror” is to know who you are in Christ. Love yourself and never compare yourself against others. The world does not need a copy of someone else, but the world needs to see the unique you the unique creation and the beautiful woman you are inside out.

-You've published “Divine Women of God: Devotional for Women” and “The Woman in the Mirror,” which both focus on uplifting women. Can you talk about how much material you harvested from personal life experiences that influenced you to write these two books?

The books that I have written which focus primarily on uplifting women were harvested out of a time in my life when I was heart-broken, torn, and so broken inside that I did not know who I was or where I was going. I grew up in church and was encircled with strong women I look up to til this day. My personal experiences during a time in my life brought me to a point to where I too wanted to be that woman that others looked up to and would confide in when they needed a word of encouragement during drastic times in their lives.

-You started your writing career with poetry, and then transitioned to writing full-length devotional books and fiction. What was the catalyst for that? What inspired you to go from writing poetry to writing other genres?

The catalyst from my first book which was a poetry book was just a stepping stone for more. It was a step to something greater than even I could imagine. I was inspired to write full-length women devotionals because of what I felt was needed to reach more than just one genre. This is where my calling was born.

-You’re currently working on you're third stage play “Pick Up the Pieces”, congratulations on that! In your opinion what is the best part of being a playwright?

After writing books and feeling comfortable, I would not have ever imagine that I would become a playwright. It’s as if one thing was slowly moving into other avenues. After writing my first stage-play I felt an overwhelming joy like I felt when I held my first book in my hand. The best part of being a playwright is seeing the characters I created come to life on stage.

-Who are some of the writers who have influenced you?

The writers who have influenced me the most are Mya Angelo and Joyce Meyers.

-Can you take one of those writers and talk specifically about how their work has impacted you and your work?

Joyce Meyers specifically influenced and impacted me in my writing of devotionals. Her books inspired me to write to encourage and to birth-forth who I am. Many of her books speak to the nature of coping with life and walking in confidence and it all starts in the mind. I would say she has had the greatest impact on me.

-What advice would you give to aspiring authors, playwrights, and or screen-writers?

The advice I would give to other Authors, Playwrights and Screenwriters is to listen to your heart, follow your dreams and just do it.

-What’s next for you? What are you working on now?

Currently, I am co-authoring a book called “Unleashing Travails” set to release in July of 2018. I’m also working on a Documentary “A Mother’s Love” set to release on Mother’s Day and a short film “Suffering in Silence.” Every project brings me even more joy to touch the lives of others.

Books are currently sold on, Barnes and Noble and other online bookstores.

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