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September 24, 2018

Samantha Olivia Soper was born on April 14, 2010, in Amsterdam, New York. She is one of three children. She pours her heart into writing stories that will reach the hearts of children all over the world. Her love of writing started at the age of six, when she won first place in a writing contest held by her primary school. At age seven, she published a 2‐in‐1 book, “Hey You, Be You,” and “We Are Superheroes.” Her stories are inspirational with unique and colorful characters. Samantha has a special spark for life with big dreams of writing and illustrating more books in the future.





Exclusive Interview 



Interview with Eight-Year-Old Author Samantha Soper



Please  tell our readers a little about each or your books. 


“Hey You, Be You,” is about accepting who you are and not being afraid to be yourself. “We Are Superheroes,” is about being a good person. The  book  describes  the  characteristics of  a  good  person.  In  both  books  I created characters just like me and my friends, bright and unique.  


What inspired "Hey You, Be You," and "We Are Superheroes"? 


My friends inspired me to write “Hey You, Be You,” and “We Are Superheroes.” I accept them for who they are and at the same time they help me become who I should be, myself.



Which book is your favorite? Why? 


My favorite book is “Hey You, Be You.” I feel like it speaks to the reader  and people can really relate to the characters in the story. After all, who would we be if we weren’t ourselves?


Where  do  you  get  your  ideas  for  your  stories?


The  idea  to  write  “Hey  You,  Be  You,”  came  from what  I’m  seeing  at  school –  the  pain and frustration kids face every day for simply being different. “We Are Superheroes,” was a colorful and fun way to teach others about the qualities a good person holds. So, I had this idea  to  create  a  superhero  that  embodies  each  of  those qualities. The superhero on the front cover is wearing a rainbow colored cape that represents each superhero in my story.


Who are your favorite children's book authors? 


My favorite author is Mo Willems. We read stories every  night  and  we  always  read  at least one  Piggie  and  Gerald  book. The  books  are  about  two friends written in a conversational style. We always read them together. I’m Gerald and my Mom is Piggie. We change our voice to really bring the characters to life. My Gerald voice is really low and Mom’s Piggie voice is really high. Before bedtime we read these books to my little sister and little brother and  it  always  makes  them  laugh.  As  a  2nd grader I’m really starting to like books written by author  Judy  Blume.  I  just  finished “Freckle  Juice,” and  I  can’t  wait  to  start  a  new one! 


Besides  writing  what  else  do  you  like  to  do  for  fun?


 When  I’m  not  writing, I  love  hanging  out  with my friends and family. I enjoy most everything including dance, softball, soccer, hunting, fishing, camping, four-wheel riding, drawing, painting, and reading.


Can  we  expect  more  books  from  you  in  the  future? 


Absolutely!  I’m always writing. I have a couple more books I’m working on now. I hope to write a new book every year.




An interview with Samantha’s Mom & Dad:



Were either of you guys avid readers or writers growing up?


Mom/Nicole Soper – When I was growing up I was in a book club. I received a new Dr. Seuss book every month. I have always loved reading and writing. I keep a journal and still do to this day.


Dad/Dan Soper –  We had “book it” when I was a kid.  BOOK IT  motivates  children  to  read  by rewarding  their  reading  accomplishments  with praise, recognition and pizza.  I read  a  lot when I was growing up because of the incentive that came with it.


Did you guys read to Samantha a lot when she was very young? 


We have always read to Samantha. Reading is a part our bedtime routine.


What  do  you  guys  do  to  foster  her  creativity  and  encourage her to keep writing? 


We  teach Samantha to rely on herself, and to be confident about her ideas. We encourage her to stand up for what  she thinks, feels, and  believes. We remove  all pressure  and  allow her to  be  free  in  her creative  thinking  and  just  let  her creativity flow. We value her imagination by  giving  her  the resources  for  creative  growth. We  encourage  her  in  everything  she does,  provide  her  with unlimited support while being her biggest fans.


What  advice  would  you  give to  other  parents  who  see  talent  in their  own children? 


Advice  we would   give  to  other  parents  would  be  to  embrace  the  kid  you’ve  got.  We  all have  big  dreams  for our  kids,  but  it’s  important  to  recognize  every  child  is  unique  with their  own  ambitions, desires, and goals. If  you  see talent, seek  out  materials  and  supplies that  can help your child explore their interests  further.  Be  there  to  support  them, they  are kids  and  they  can’t  do  it  without  you.







“Hey You, Be You,” is dedicated to anyone who’s ever felt different from anyone else. The story focuses on diversity. It’s about embracing who each individual person is and not being afraid of what might make someone different from anyone else.




“We Are Superheroes,” is about being a good person. It’s meant to help others understand that good is not a thing you are, it’s a thing you do.




Samantha’s book can be purchased at the following locations…  

  • Mysteries on Main Street – 144 West Main Street, Johnstown NY 12095 

  • Market Block Books – 290 River Street, Troy NY 12180 



Connect with the author at: 








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