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Author Interview "Madison and Elijah Bishop"

Madison Bishop, born June 3, 2011, is a talented artist. She enjoys swimming, dancing, and exploring with paints. Elijah Bishop, born Sept. 5, 2013, is an energetic, fun, and loving boy. He enjoys playing with trucks, cars, and watching educational videos about dinosaurs. Madison and Elijah both share a passion for learning and creativity. They have big imaginations and it comes out in their painting and storytelling. The sibling love and support of each other is unconditional, Elijah inspires Madison’s art work and Madison inspires Elijah’s creative thought process. Their love and dedication for each other has fueled their goals and the book series entitled Madison and Elijah. Their first book is entitled Elijah and his invisible friend.” Follow the young authors on Instagram: @madisonavabishop and @elijahtheauthor

Exclusive Interview

Can you tell us a little about how you guys became published authors?

We enjoy going on adventures. While on our adventure, our Mom captured video clips of us. One day after deleting videos on her cell phone, she laughed out to herself and replied, "This could make great story book." Mom started putting all our video story clips together and thus the rough draft of our book was created. We sent a rough draft along with the video clips to Lauren Simone Publishing Company who immediately loved the idea of transforming it into a story book. We revised the book maybe 4 or 5 times until we all agreed that it was book worthy.

Where do you turn for inspiration? Were any of your books inspired by anyone you know?

We go on crazy adventures on our own. I (Madison) enjoy painting. I experiment with paint and the end result is usually really amazing. I (Elijah) love dinosaurs.

Which book is your favorite? Why?

Books about Emergency Vehicles, it teaches us the importance of emergencies, and the different type of emergencies.

Who are your favorite children's book authors?

I love when mom reads Michael Rosen books.

What books will you be reading this summer?

Mom is currently reading Percy Jackson and The Olympians, we are on book number 3, "The Titan Curse." Each night we try to read an entire chapter.

Besides writing what else do you like to do for fun?

Madison and I (Elijah) enjoy swimming. Madison is also doing gymnastics.

Can we expect more books from you in the future?

Definitely, we have a whole series of books.

Interview with Mom : Sabrena Bishop

Were you an avid reader or writer growing up?

Growing up, I did not read or write very much. I was outside helping to fix cars. I was pretty much like a tom boy. Did you read to your children a lot when they were very young?

Madison was diagnosed as speech delayed. I figured if she was going to learn new words and how to express herself, it would be through books. I decided that I would read a book every night, then asking Madison and Elijah to retell the story. Madison would try to say a new word while explaining the story.

What do you do to foster their creativity and encourage them to keep writing?

I tend to give them a lot of recycled material, glue, tape, makers, and any other material they request. Watching Madison and Elijah create toys and other items from “junk” is amazing. They do not write but when you ask “how did you create that?”, they are able to tell you step by step with demonstrations. Most times I try to catch them on videos, if not Elijah would be the one that is very detailed about the procedure.

What advice would you give to other parents who see talent in their own children?

Encourage your children. Children are naturally creative.

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