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Author Interview "Mark Louis Hudson"

Writers Life Magazine Had The Honor Of Interviewing Mark Louis Hudson, Author Of The New Book, Traveling At The Speed of Dark.

Exclusive Interview

Tell me a bit about your current book.

My book, Traveling at the Speed of Dark, is titled as such, because I am having more & more difficulty with my memory, the older that I get. I am always, it seems, in the dark struggling to remember, for one reason or another. Also, I wished to share with the world, through stories about my silly life, that in my being different as I am (aka USA Odd Duck), as we each are, that it is okay and acceptable, to be different, and just be yourself, as best you can.

Is this your first book?

This is my first book that I have had published. I have another book, that I have waiting in the wings, that has been finished, for many years. If opportunity prevails itself, then I will consider trying to get that book published.

What made you decide to write this particular book?

I myself, am more different than most, with my memory failing. I wished to let the world know, by writing my autobiography of sorts, using myself being different as an example, that it is okay to be different. And because of my memory, I wish to start a HERO program, that helps others with memory issues, to remember, by writing their own book about their own self, to be their own future HERO. A book of their memories, that they can go back to, and maybe, remember how they used to be.

H elp

E ntertain &

R emember

O neself

How would you describe the book?

My book would be best described as "A Children's Book for Adults”. I am just a simple man who wrote a simple book about my silly life. I wished to entertain the reader, as well as remember stories for myself.

Do you have a particular writing routine?

I always carry a pen and paper with me. I write down notes all of my waking hours, as I remember or think of things, for fear that I may not remember them for a second time.

Are you working on other books?

I will do only one romantic novel, that I am currently working on now. It is about the love of my life, my wife, and I, how we met, and about our life together. We have been together for 44 years now. After this next book, I only wish to write children's books. I have many life lessons to pass on to children, from my long life of lessons learned. And I must face it, I am a simple man, and time will only make me much simpler, with my memory problems and all. That's just life. And so I need to feel needed, and be the most help when and where I can. And so children's books, seems the best fit for me.

All there is to know about my silly life, can be found in my book, or on my web page. After all, I am a simple man and pretty much, just an open book. My book is available all over the world, in nearly every country, through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, Hudson Book Sellers, Abe Books, etc.

About the book:

This book, is essentially about HOW I have survived STUPID For many and nearly 60 odd years. More often than not, the truth hurts. But it is what it is, and I am HOW I am. What you are about to read, is all completely true, as I have lived it, first hand, and have survived it to tell. “MY LIFE” I have heard all of my life, not to judge a book by its cover. As I have judged, I too have also been judged. Either way, does not work out so well, in the end. But I am here to tell you, as far as my picture is concerned, on the front cover of this book, you get exactly what you see. Nothing is hidden, not even in the book. I put myself out there for all the world to see. And I am afraid that all you get, is plain ole’ silly, and God fearing, and undeniably lucky me. I will attempt to show you, how it is that I see, from my differing view, through a few of my true-life stories. And then maybe you will begin to see, why I am, HOW I am, and why I do as I do. Like it or not, this is all that I am. You get what you see, and you see what you get. It is all true, and it is definitely, truly, the epitome of me. Mark L. Hudson

About the author:

I am most and nearly 60 years old, and have lived my whole life, working hard for a living, as I have been a fitter-welder by trade, for over 40 years. I built my own house from the ground up, along with my barn, garage, various sheds, and have worked on and fixed nearly everything that I have ever owned. Everything on my place, my wife and I put here, as I could not afford to do otherwise. So I know what hard work is, and have lived through my many mistakes and misadventures, of which many I tell about in this book. My wife and I have raised 3 wonderful children, who have been many a blessing, and we have 2 wonderful grandchildren also, to add to those blessings. And because of all that I have been through, this is why that I firmly believe, that we ALL have information to share, that is not only vital to our very own personal piece of mind and self-existence, but if shared, can be quite helpful to very many others as well. And it does not hurt, to learn to laugh first, at ourselves, as I do, then no one else can bring us down, as we have already beaten them to the punch and pointed out our own faults, before anyone else ever gets a chance to do so. And in doing so, we play our weaknesses as our strengths. And so thus, we grow stronger from within, to be seen by all others without. I myself, am just a little bit more different than most, and I openly share HOW I am, with others. So that maybe, seeing how I am, with all of my inabilities in tow, and how I laughingly share my humorous life with others, that if I can survive with dignity, being how I am and all, then anyone else can as well, and maybe even be lucky enough, as myself, to be able to very much enjoy life in the process, and maybe even, with a little luck, be able to possibly prosper in the process, in the end. I hold onto to my personal piece of mind by living right out here in the middle of what I lovingly, like to refer to, as God's country. I live way out here in the country, back up in the woods, at the end of a dead-end little old road, on top of a hill, just inside the ridgeline of trees, which portrays a beautiful expansive view, out my back door, of the full eastern sky above, and of the beautiful valley, down below. One could not ask for more, as I truly believe, that I already have it all, and then some. And so I share with you, the reader, what it is that I see, from my odd angle of view, and how it is, of what I perceive life to be, at least to me.

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