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Exclusive Interview With Facebook Marketing Expert Chris Godfrey (Find Out How You Can Get His Free

Chris Godfrey is Australia's nicest marketing pro. Over 13 years battle hardened internet marketing experience and success, notched on his belt.

Exclusive Interview

Can you tell our readers.. “Who is Chris Godfrey?”

Yes for sure. I’m from Australia - very far away from everyone. I started my career in the call centre industry, climbing that corporate ladder for years.

After a friend of mine starting marking money online, I wanted to do the same! (of course!). So I jumped right into the 100 metre deep end and learned everything I could every weekend and all weekend for years, whilst still holding down my 9-5 call centre jobs.

Fortunately, through a unfortunate series of events.. I got laid off twice from different companies in just 12 months. So I was finally forced to choose. Should a) get yet another job in a shrinking industry, or b) start my own company in the internet marketing world.

Luckily I chose B.

I’m also new Dad, a husband. And I love good food. But i’m not a “vegetarian who calls themselves a foodie” - I’m a “put it in front of me, and I’ll try it” foodie.

Haha ok, so you’re predominantly in the internet marketing field now?

Yes I’ve been self employed and running my own company now for 6-7 years. I like to say that we’re in the “getting customers business”. The internet just makes it easy to reach people so “internet marketing” comes naturally.

So you’re here to talk about your book on Facebook Marketing. When someone gets a copy, what do they learn?

Yes thanks for bringing it up (laughs). My book is called ‘How to Get Customers From Facebook Ads”, and that’s exactly what it focuses on.

This is a beginners book. If any of your readers are already profiting every week using Facebook marketing, then they don’t need this book.

My book will walk readers through, step by step, how to set up an Ad the right way. They get insights into which of the 12 or so Ads I use 95%+ of the time, and why also.

Plus there’s a few other MUST DO things that I mention early in the book, before I’d suggest anyone even spend $5 on Facebook Ads.

What are one or two of the must do things with Facebook Ads? I’m interested to know too..(laughs).

Well to put it simply and in brief, you can set up an unlimited amount of Ads on Facebook. If you spend $10 on ten different ads for example, and you made four sales from just two of the ten ads…

You would want to know which of the two out of the ten Ads made you money, and what were the other eight that didn’t get any sales. So that you could turn off the money losing Ads, and you can continue running the money making Ads. You might even want to increase your two winning Ad budget limits from $10 to $15, and increase from there.

The book shows you how to make sure that visibility is set up, so you know where you’re money is going. In the bank, or down the toilet.

Ok, that sounds great! I’m sure you just motivated a bunch more people to get the book.

Well yeah I hope so, because as you’ll see by the silly low price tag, this book is not about me buying a new house on the beach. I wrote this book just to achieve two main things. 1) I do want to spread my name more in the internet marketing world. So that’s why I’m here of course. And 2). I do genuinely hate speaking to clients or anyone really, and they say “I spent $100, $10,000 or more on Facebook Ads, and didn’t even get one single sale!”

That kind of thing is sad to hear, it’s a lot easier than what people think. I also have a blog where I post a lot of thoughts, insights and other “knowledge bombs” as people call them. Anyone listening or reading this can go to for more endless help with Facebook Marketing, and online marketing in general.

Ok I get it, it makes sense now why you aren’t really charging anything for this book. So where can people get a copy? On Amazon or on your site?

Well if they order it on Amazon they need to pay for it in full plus shipping and handling. But I’ll give you a URL where people can get it for free, but just for a limited time. ‘How to Get Customers From Facebook Ads’ won’t be free after the book launch I don’t think.

Or they can buy it of course from Amazon (laughs), the choice is theirs.

But to get a free copy of my book on Facebook marketing that’ll show you how to set up and run Ads on Facebook so that you can properly track your money and the return on your money, just go to this link. Go to .

That’s the website I set up for the launch, and where the book is free.

That’s awesome. Ok well I guess that’s a wrap. Is there anything else you want to share, or can we get you back for another interview one day soon?

Yes let’s do this again. We can schedule more time next round to go deeper on some of this stuff. But the book is a great resource for any business owner, or anyone who wants to launch their product or business idea using Facebook Ads.

Sounds good, ok thanks for your time Chris and enjoy the rest of the book launch.

Thank you too, for having me on. It was fun.

How to Get Customers From Facebook Ads.

Even if you are new, or if you have tried and failed before!

By author: Chris Godfrey

"This book will show authors how they can set up Facebook Ads the right way, to target people who are more likely to buy their books. This book illustrates to authors how they can market their book on Facebook WITHOUT flying blind! Without crossing their fingers and throwing money down the toilet hoping something good will happen.

Learn how I get customers for my business, and my clients businesses using Facebook Ads. Get it here now:

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