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8 Questions to Ask When Selecting an Ebook Conversion Company

One of the enormous advantages that the internet has brought today is the opportunity of self-publishing on your own terms. Now you can publish a book on the Internet and make it available to millions of potential readers though online stores such as Amazon, iBooks, Google Play etc. Thousands of authors are already launching their works, which allows them to manage their rights, obtain greater royalties and even attract the attention of large publishing houses. Ebookifi assist you from the beginning to the end of the process. We will give you the simple and concrete answers you want to know about the world of digital publishing.

Let us know about Ebookifi?

In the past few years, there are important changes within the realm of printing and business enterprise because of technology innovations, changes in the buyer’s behavior, and emergence of the digital age. These changes create challenges to authors, who continuously seeking ways and resources to publish their content within the most appealing manner and also accessible on various platforms. offer services to convert any type of document to an electronic book format, to be able to read it on iPhone, iPad, Kindle or even on Mac.

Enlighten your entire services? is a Conversion Services Company; with 10 years of expertise. We tend to address the requirements of authors, by providing Kindle Conversion, Epub Conversion, Smashwords Conversion, Createspace formatting, to deliver outputs within the most admirable formats. We also provide service for Book Scanning, Cover Design and Ebook Promotion.

Do you accept all types of input formats for conversion? works with experienced team who can deal with all formats and convert them into a digital book without any errors, we manage the converted formats to ensure that a flawless and fluent reading is possible.

How much time is required to complete the conversion processes?

It depends on the book; it usually takes about 48 hours to maximum 72 hours to finish the whole process depending on the workload. Even so we will give you an approximate date of delivery that suits your needs.

Do you offer any discounts for conversion?

Discount and promo code is a simple but most powerful tool at your disposal to generate new customers and accrue customer loyalty. We offer two promotional codes for our customers“EBOOKIFI30” Flat 30% OFF for all formatting services and “EBCHRISTMAS” 50% OFF on kindle & ePub formatting services. Use our Promotional codes for eBook conversion services and publish your book in many formats. You can bring your books to your readers faster and at lowest price.

What about the complex file formats for conversion?

We hold the expertise for a comprehensive range of book conversion services for both printed material and electronic formats. At Ebookifi, you will find a perfect blend of sophisticated book conversion methodology and an experienced workforce. The specialists who work on the book conversion projects are well trained in the different formatting styles and well equipped to handle complex file formats.

Do you maintain the original file format of the book?

Ebookifi is the best book conversion service provider in the contemporary industry. Over the years we have been providing quality ebook conversion services to leading universities, colleges, libraries and book publishers. We have the ability to produce the output file exactly matching the format you have ordered.

What are the benefits of Outsourcing

  • Some of the benefits of outsourcing are:-

  • State-of-the-art book conversion service methodology

  • Extremely flexible prices

  • Short delivery timeframes

  • Cooperative customer support to assist you round-the-clock

  • Outsource book conversion services to and experience the new era of digitization.

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