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Exclusive Interview With The Founder of You-calyptus

Tricia Ragusa is a woman in recovery. As well as a teacher, mother, and a writer You-calyptus .... it aims to do several things 1. Change the stigma surrounding the disease of addiction 2. Encourage people to come forward without fear 3. Fight against the opioid epidemic 4 discuss recovery from topics such as addiction divorce grief and toxic relationships

Exclusive Interview

-Tricia, thanks for taking time to do this interview and discuss your blog You-calyptus. Please begin by telling us about the work You-calyptus is doing to help those struggling with substance abuse.

You-calyptus is made up of content, consulting and coaching available for those recovering from difficult life events . Namely , substance abuse , divorce, abusive relationships and grief . The blog is meant to be a place people can come for support, Hope and community .

-What inspired you to start your blog?

I started my blog as a woman in recovery on the hopes of proving that anyone can recover from anything . I remained in recovery from addiction through a brutal divorce, finical ruin, a toxic post divorce relationship and a period of time raising four young children on my own . If I can remain recovered anyone can. I also hope to start a national conversation as an educator about getting better anti drug programs into our schools to combat the opioid epidemic . In addition I hope to encourage other educators who struggle with addiction to come forward for help without fear or shame . I was fearful to ask for help as a teacher I was afraid to lose my job or respect as an educator. Turns out there is nothing to be afraid of .

-Why do you think it’s important to share your personal story with others?

My story is important because it proves anyone can recover from anything and comeback from any setback and remain in recovery relapse does not have to be a part of recovery.

-Recovery often happens slower than most people would like. Knowing this reality, how can we communicate compassion for people who are going through the recovery process?

Recovery is hard but not impossible I believe it is of the utmost importance to be open to multiple paths . My recovery consists of energy healing I’m a reiki practitioner , refuge recovery(Buddhist method) , the 12 steps , reading writing prayer and meditation.

-On a more personal note: Tell us a little about your “real” (non-blogger/advocate) life — family, job, hobbies, etc.

I’m a single mom of four young kids and a high school English teacher . Recovery coaching and writing is something I do on the side . I love gardening reading books and writing and helping others recover .

-Your blog also covers divorce, correct? For those readers who may be going through or considering divorce, please give us a few tips that you believe are needed to help prepare for a divorce.

Divorce is one of the hardest times of a persons life . It feels as if it will never end . But it eventually does and eventually you see a bigger picture and it all begins to make sense.

-What are some ways our readers can support the work being done through You-calyptus?

Readers can follow me on instagram @tricia.ragusa and by reading and supporting my blog.

-When can we expect your book to be released?

I have a book on recovery in the works hopefully to be released in the next six months to a year.

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