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Author Interview "Marie Blanchard"

Marie Blanchard is the author of "Dieting Deliciously." She is a fitness athlete, model, and foodie currently living in NYC.

Exclusive Interview

What inspired you to write “Dieting Deliciously”?

I wrote dieting deliciously because I want to show that there are healthier alternatives to foods we naturally crave for.

Where and when did you learn how to cook? I have been cooking since a young age. I was born in Haiti and I am convinced that culinary skills are in the genes. When I started modeling and competing, I began to experiment with healthier options, but still with an emphasis on flavor.

How has becoming a professional bodybuilder changed your relationship with food and cooking? Competing as a bikini athlete has taught me what and how to eat based on physical goals. For example, when I need to gain more muscle mass, I increase my carb intake, but with smaller meals and eating more frequently. Most bodybuilder diets are bland and tasteless. Mine follows the same strict regimen around the intake of specific food groups, such as carbs, fats, and proteins, but the key difference in my diet is that I have learned to mix up the flavors, to keep it interesting and so that I can still enjoy what I eat during my offseason.

What do you hope people will get out of your cookbook? Well, I hope that eventually, anyone who gets a copy will understand that there are so many ways to enjoy maintaining fitness without sacrificing eating delicious foods. Also, my recipes are comprised of ingredients that are healthier options to make the kind of foods that people want to eat. For example, my chewy protein donuts taste so sinfully delicious, however, you can place them in both gluten-free and keto categories...guilt free eating!

You’ve worked as a fitness athlete, trainer, and model, how have those experiences informed your approach to eating and diet? Diet, state of mind, and physical training are the 3 pillars of being a successful bodybuilding athlete. Perhaps diet is the most important of the three, which is why I started to write these books. As a fitness model and a bodybuilding athlete, the approach to diet needs to be essentially the same. However, in preparation for a bodybuilding show, my diet needs to be even more strict.

You’re originally from Haiti are there any Haitian recipes in your book? No there aren't, but I will write a Haitian cuisine recipe cookbook as a special edition soon - I have always wanted to do this.

What do you feel sets your book apart from others in the field? My book is designed for people who want to eat healthier foods, but with an emphasis on flavor and being guilt-free. It's not a form of diet for any specific group, it's simply filled with crave-killing, healthier recipes versus the more traditional, fattening foods we all crave.

What are some of your favorite dish from the book? It's such an unfair question but if I had to choose my favorites, they would be the Dirty Bird Pocket, the Gluten-Free Protein Donuts, the Smoked Salmon a La Mode and the Sweet Potato Waffles. All are delicious, yet full of organic ingredients, no simple carbs, no gluten, no processed anything, no dairy and no simple sugars.

Are there any other books in the works? Yes, I am already working on Volume Two, "Lose Weight Fast and Keep it Off" and I am already brainstorming for the Haitian Cooking Special Edition.

Dieting Deliciously: Crave Killing Recipes For The Healthy Foodie

Dieting Deliciously volume 1 was created by fitness athlete, model, and foodie Marie Blanchard. For her first cookbook, Marie wanted to share with her readers some of her favorite mouth-watering recipes. Dieting Deliciously features 25 antioxidant-rich and guilt-free meals for any time of the day. In addition, she wanted to showcase how to cook with healthier ingredients than those contained in traditional "fattening" meals. Lastly, her goal with Dieting Deliciously is to teach that it is possible to enjoy eating well while maintaining a desired physique and level of overall fitness.

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