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Exclusive Interview "Christine Reidhead"

Educator and Humanitarian, Christine Reidhead, is an Assistant Professor and the Founder and CEO of the Nonprofit Organization, AfrikRising.

Exclusive Interview

Your trajectory is quite impressive, ranging from being an accountant, a director of athletics, business department chair, faculty vice president, nonprofit founder, and author, just to name a few. Please tell us how you manage your time and how your journey as an author started?

Along with what has been listed, I am a mother to two sons, and hold a full-time professor position in business. Balancing it all takes a lot of energy and time, therefore, time management skills is a must. I wake early every day to work on my current projects while my sons sleep, then I leave before 8:00 am for my professor position. Work all day, and once I get home from work, I spend some quality time with my sons, eat dinner, then have them go to bed after completing their daily chores. The rest of my evening hours are spent working on projects at hand. If I get 5 hours of sleep, that’s considered a good night’s rest. I have this internal drive that keeps me moving forward and progressing with every aspect of my life.

The college students in my classes are the ones that have asked me, “how do I get better at (topic)?” Or, “where can I get more information on this activity?” They got me thinking about these topics and kept my feet to the fire. So, it’s because of my students that I became an author.

Job interviews can be extremely nerve wrecking for even the most seasoned professionals. Do you have an embarrassing job interview story from your past that you believe has provided you with valuable insight into writing a great book to help others ace a job interview?

I don’t have any embarrassing moments, but I do get very nervous. I feel that this book provides a solid foundation to build confidence and inform readers on what to expect. Knowledge is power and if they apply these skills and information, it will set them up for success.

What do you feel sets your book a part from other books on the market that cover job interview skills?

The book provides a simple guide and good read for anyone looking for a new job. It’s like having an engaging conversation with someone. It is also a quick, simple read which makes it easy for the reader.

Is there anything you wish you would have included in your book "How to Ace a Job Interview: A Simple Guide to Landing Any interview" but didn’t?

I feel I’ve covered the topic fairly well, so I can’t say that I’ve left anything out.

What’s the most surprising thing you learned about yourself as a person while you were writing your book?

That we can accomplish anything we set our minds to. Sometimes, there’s perceptions out there that only “certain” people can do this or do that. That’s not the case. Anyone can do anything they put their minds to, they just have to put in the time and effort to be successful. I believe we can do anything if we work hard at it.

With all of the hats you wear, you’re also a humanitarian, correct? For those who may not be aware of your organization, please tell us a little about AfrikRising.

AfrikRising is a new nonprofit organization that has taken off within the last six months. Our mission is to provide assistance of basic necessities, services and education to the underserved in Africa. Africa is one of the most poverty stricken continents in the world. Then you take the lowest individuals from the lowest continent in the world and what do you have? Orphans. These children have been abandoned by their parents in a world where it’s hard for their parents to survive. I feel a great desire to help them and do something about it. These poor children are not even granted the basic needs of survival such as food and clean water. I love what we are doing at AfrikRising and we have a tremendous team who feel the same way. I feel if we have been blessed in our current situation, a little sacrifice and service isn’t going to hurt anyone. These children are born into poverty and die in poverty. They have no hope of a better future for themselves. I want to come in and help provide that, and why not help? This is something I am very passionate about and really believe in.

What is your vision for the near future of your organization AfrikRising?

All of our projects have given us great pleasure and gratitude to be given the opportunity to serve and assist those less fortunate. My hope for AfrikRising is for it to become self-sustainable and continue the path we’ve started with our first few projects. We would like to develop a school that provides individuals the opportunity to get certified in a particular area at a reduced price so that they can then find work to help feed themselves and their family. I learned from Habitat for Humanity to provide a hand-up and not a hand-out. We are trying to implement a system where Africans are helping Africans out of poverty and empowering them to change their lives. They just need an opportunity and we are wanting to provide that opportunity through AfrikRising.

What are some ways our readers can support the work being done by AfrikRising?

To learn more about supporting AfrikRising, visit our website at, You can go to our donation page and donate or fill out the contact page to reach us about a certain project. We would love to partner with businesses, organizations, or individuals on projects. Reach out to us and we can work something out!

You also host your own podcast show, correct? When and where does your show air? What can we expect if we tune in?

My podcasting times vary, so it would be best to listen to our shows at, Each show provides something different. We talk about the Tribal College Movement with one of the founders, Tom Davis. I host a Sports Talk show with my brother Sheldon. Another podcast is the Life of Mark Poulsen who was the Vice President of Motorola. And lastly, Be the Change Nonprofit Podcast is where we interview others from nonprofits and they share information about their organization, their strengths, weaknesses and successes.

On a more personal note: Tell us a little about your “real” (non-writing) life — family, job, hobbies, etc.

I love being a mom to my sons, and teaching them the importance of serving others, and the less fortunate. They are a constant reminder of what I need to do, continue working and challenging myself with everything I’m involved in and what lies ahead. My job has allowed me the opportunity to work with some amazing students and colleagues. I doubt that I would be where I am today without having the experience the university has given me, including the students, colleagues, and the community. My hobbies are serving in Mexico, AfrikRising, writing books, podcasting, etc. Those are what I do for fun outside of work.

Who is a creative person (not a writer) who has influenced you and your work?

My mentor, Tom Davis, has had an enormous influence on me and my work over the years. I’m not talking about one instance, but many important instances and projects related to all aspects of the university, community and personal life. I can honestly say that I continue to learn from Tom every time I talk to him. He’s an excellent leader and empowers his people to do good and to be better. I am currently writing his biography, and this man continues to amazing me with his life story. He has had a tremendous impact on so many people’s lives. I feel very blessed to be a student of his and learn from his teachings and experiences. He is truly an amazing man and has left a legacy of greatness.

As a published author, what advice would you give to aspiring authors reading this interview?

I would tell them to follow their dreams and to not let anyone prevent them from pursuing them. I’ve been pressured for years to take a specific path I didn’t like but once I broke from that, I’ve been able to accomplish so much more. It’s all within grasp, you just need to reach for it and work for the things you are passionate about. You won’t believe what you can accomplish unless you try.

Do you have any other books currently in the works?

Yes, I have another book I’m currently working on called, “Thinking of Starting Your Own Business? A Workbook to Guide you Through Your Ideas.” It should be coming out later this summer.

Where can readers buy your book?

They can purchase the book on Amazon .

Where can we find you online? Are you on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platforms?

Yes, you can find me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

About the book: Of the many challenges and obstacles, one might face in the workplace, succeeding in a job interview is undoubtedly one of the most difficult. In How to Ace a Job Interview: A Simple Guide to Landing Any interview, author Christine Reidhead implements key concepts that any person will face as a potential employee. By succinctly explaining all the parts of a job interview, Christine creates a simple, easy-to-understand guide to securing any job of choice. Whether it’s about the types of interviews, the preparation for the interview, the interview itself, or even after the interview, this book covers all the topics one will need to obtain their dream job. Furthermore, Christine provides example questions that are often asked, and also offers solutions to commonly made mistakes that could cause failure. How to Ace a Job Interview: A Simple Guide to Landing Any interview is a one-of-a-kind book that will become a necessity to countless interviewees as they strive to conquer their goals and dreams.

More about the author

Christine Reidhead has interacted with and mentored thousands of professionals and students across the world. As an educator, accountant, researcher and author on different aspects of life, she takes immense pleasure in working in the education field, with the opportunity to make a difference in students’ lives. Nothing makes her happier than guiding students towards taking different career paths and becoming successful leaders. She is especially passionate about making a difference in the world hence her tendency of looking at students through the lens of empathy and empowerment that will ultimately result in more driven and skilled communities and future leaders.

Christine Reidhead attained her Bachelor’s degree in Education from Prescott College and thereafter proceeded to further her studies by attaining her Master’s Degree in Accounting from University of Phoenix. As a leader in various aspects of her work, Christine Reidhead is focused on empowering students around the world through guiding them towards different career paths. Her personality, humor and ability to interact with students of various calibers makes it easy for her to effectively pass her message across.

Christine has recently completed her book titled “How to Ace a Job Interview: A Simple Guide to Landing any Interview” which she hopes will go a long way into inspiring different people as they transition to the professional world. She is very accustomed to the scene of higher education and is avid about developing the leadership capacity of college students, as well as administrators. With over eight years worth of experience in the field of education and leadership, Christine has been able to transform the lives of numerous students that have passed under her alongside generally impacting the society. She has served as a Professor of Business, Business Department Chair and Faculty Vice President as well. In addition to the aforementioned achievements amongst many others, she is also the founder and CEO of Afrikrising.

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