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Author Interview "Lucinda Mack"

Lucinda Mack is an author and poet who has written several works over the years. She has worked in various professions including the homecare industry and presently lives in Pennsylvania. Her extended family resides throughout various locations around the world. Lucinda has experienced many personal tragedies and has learned to survive and overcome the turmoil of extreme loss and confusion. Her latest book, Nightsticks & Negligees, is a murder mystery written in honor of friends and family she lost in the LGBTQ community. It was written in an effort to give such people a voice and express the importance of tolerance and understanding in society and the world. For more information visit


Exclusive Interview

Tell us a bit about your new book, Nightsticks & Negligees. It is a murder, crime, detective, thriller. The story is set in a small town in Delaware. The scene opens with one of the central characters, Lexi, a young detective, arriving on the site of a horrific murder. She is stunned by the violence of the crime. Two lovers have been savagely cut down. The person responsible has run off into the night with a beautiful woman's heart. Lexi's boss, Katia arrives. She is a gorgeous, analytical and a stone-cold, hard ass; the opposite of Lexi. The shock of the executions and the arrival of her boss merge to create a cyclone of confusion for Lexi. During her investigation of the crime, Lexi gets hit on the head by a gang member and suffers a concussion. As she lies recuperating in her hospital bed, she realizes she is totally in love with her superior. Lexi wonders where this might lead. While she admires her boss and loves her job, she is worried about her superior's reaction if she tells her of her attraction. Katia has never given Lexi the slightest indication that she has a personal interest in her. The pages of the novel follow in the footsteps of these two women as they solve crimes and come to terms with who they really are and what they represent to themselves and each other.

How did you come up with the idea? The inspiration came directly from watching two movies. The first was "Pride and Prejudice,” which starred Keira Knightley. The musical score blew me away. The second was a mini series called “Slasher” which starred Katie McGrath. The murders and the soundtrack from that movie also gave me a huge push to write my story.

What would you like the readers to take away from reading your book? Being human, we sometimes suffer in the shadows of our lives. Our differences lie in the way we think, love and cope with things that touch us.

This is your first published novel, but you’ve been writing for a while, tell us a bit about your other works. I have written over a thousand poems, sci-fi thrillers, love stories and other detective novels. I share them with friends and family. It is the way I connect with my world and the people in it.

Do you primarily consider yourself a writer of mysteries? I love to write comedies and stand-up for friends and family. I write what I feel. Today I might write a love poem, and tomorrow I'll write something completely different. My writing is organic; it comes from whatever stimulates my spirit.

You chose to write this book under the pseudonym, Lucinda Mack. What decided you to go that direction? I wanted to brand my author. Whenever a reader sees something penned by Lucinda, he or she will know what to expect; something mysterious, erotic, sensual and psychologically arousing.

Are you currently working on another book? Yes, Nightsticks and Negligees II among other things. For further information contact:


When homicide detective Lexi is assigned to a mysterious double murder, she must report to Katia, her beautiful but icy-cold superior. As they work to unravel this shocking crime, they find themselves falling into a passionate love affair. Lexi, who has never loved a woman before, must navigate her mystification while she is swept up in overpowering feelings of desire for her boss. But can their tender new relationship survive the harsh challenges of their job as they go from brutal murder to brutal murder, attempting to bring the perpetrators to justice? Together these two women from different worlds must find the muscle to rip down their barriers and create a new haven for themselves, even when the odds are overwhelmingly stacked against them. Watch the book trailer here:

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