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Author Interview "David Matthews"

Avry Harris is a young baseball pitching phenom with an incredibly tragic past, about whose true details he is unaware. The death of his parents places him in the care of his uncle’s family. They move to a small Texas town that is completely consumed with baseball, offering Avery a chance for a new life. New friends and teammates show Avry that people truly care, and they begin guiding him in a direction that can lead to overwhelming stardom and fame in the world of professional baseball, ultimately being drafted by his favorite team, the Houston Astros. But dark secrets are also revealed, both shocking and life altering, that force Avry to seek help and comfort.

Interview with Texas Heat’s David Matthews

First there was The Natural and Field of Dreams and now comes the newly released book Texas Heat, David Matthews’ new novel. Born in raised in Texas, David Matthews has been captivated by baseball ever since he was a toddler. At 5, his parents bought him season tickets to the Houston Astros, but little did he know his passion for baseball would spark his true calling. During rough times for the Astros, David began writing instead of watching the game. Fast forward to today, he has launched Texas Heat, a fantasy baseball story. The best part is that even if you’re not a baseball fan, you can still enjoy the heartfelt story of the main character who’s a superstar on the field, but in real life has a dark past haunting him and struggles he’s trying to overcome.

Is this your first book?

Yes, Texas Heat is my first published book.

How would you describe it?

Texas Heat is very much a fantasy baseball story. For those of us that love the game, Avry Harris's story is the one that we all dream of, minus a few bumps in the road, and of course the death of his parents, no one wishes that.

What interested you in writing “Texas Heat”?

My love of the game of baseball, and my love for the Houston Astros.

Why did you pick the baseball world as your setting?

It is a world that I have always dreamed of being a part of and seeing that I was not a good enough player to do much, I figured that I could write a series of books about it.

How have your life experiences contributed to the writing of this story?

I would say that my life experiences have contributed greatly to all the characters in this story.

What would you like readers to take away from reading your book?

Just an appreciation for the game, and life, and all the different changes that come along with life. We have to be strong, make a stand, and let the world know that we are more than they may make us out to be.

How would you describe your writing style?

I try to write with as much realism as possible. Even though this story is fantasy, I try to put my reader, or readers there with me on every page, to feel what I was feeling when I was writing specific parts of this story.

What other projects are you working on?

I have numerous books. The first three Texas Heat books are in the process of being finished. I have a television series, The Dark of Knight, a live action batman television series that I would love to get picked up. I have another series, the normal, about my family, and our daughter, who has 22q, heart problems, four open heart surgeries, 14 heart baths, pediatric thyroid cancer, and now coming up, her third open heart. I also have the Texas Heat television series, which of course goes along with the books. I also have several other novels, Heroes and Heroin, Ellyria, and Hollywood Murders.

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