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Author Interview "Geri' Myers Goodwin"

Geri’ Myers Goodwin is an Arizona native and mother of three children and two step-children. Although she is your typical day to day mom, she sure knows how to spice things up. A love for reading romance novels passed down from her mother has sparked into a passion for writing her own. Her first romance novel, Mason’s Gray, has just been released and it is your perfect mixture of saucy, sexy, and relatable.


What was the main impetus to write your first book?

Fear of depression was a huge motivator. I have three children who mean the world to me and I have adored every moment that I have been so lucky to share with them. When my

youngest daughter got close to graduating, I felt a panic build. Some people are excited

and ready for the empty nest. I felt terrified. My heart ached at how much I would miss

them. I feared that I would fall into a depression, neglecting my marriage and my

health. I was not passionate about the career I was working in and knew that I had to

be proactive and tackle this crisis head on. Twenty years ago I wanted to write romance

novels. My family needed me more. Then the light bulb went off in my head. Now was the time to write.

What is something surprising you discovered while writing?

It is one thing to want to write a book and another to actually do it. I remember feeling

pumped and surprised when I realized that I was pretty good at describing details such as scenery, smells and emotions. The story was really flowing and the more I wrote,

the more I improved. Each day that went by I thought, ‘I can do this’ and that

realization surprised me in a way that motivated me more and more.

How would you describe the book?

It is a romance novel set in current times, displaying life issues that are not uncommon to our own. The plot is very relatable with a sexy twist that draws a reader in by the depth of

sexual desire and fantasy. The story has an edge, accompanied by a range of emotions that everyone can connect with. It’s the perfect definition of love and rock n roll. It is saucy, spicy and everything in between.

What do you hope readers take away from this book?

There are definitely messages in the story that I hope readers pick up on such as:

Life is too short - We should do our dreams and most of all be happy - We

are the ones in control of our life - There will be fear and uncertainty - Break

down the barriers, thrive and live.

What challenges were there in writing this book?

Personal challenges. My mother is the one who introduced me to romance novels many

years ago. She would wake up much earlier than the rest of the family to squeeze in

some reading time. I will never forget her excitement and enthusiasm when I told her

I was writing a romance novel. Towards the end of writing Mason’s Gray, she became

very ill. She was in and out of hospitals and rehab facilities, trying so hard to get better. I had reached a dead line that had to be met with the publishing company, but did not

want to leave her alone. I spent days and hours sitting with her while trying to finish.

She said to me one day, “I am trying really hard not to talk to you so you can finish, honey.” We laughed, and I continued. I never let her read any of it before it was

published because I believed she would get better. She passed away four months

before publication. I am still so sick over not allowing her a sneak peak and as much

conversation as she desired.

In what ways are you similar to the main character. How are you different?

I really dove into Morgan’s character as myself. The challenges, emotions and fear she faces are some of my own. I am thankfully not a widow, I’m very happily married. Our

personalities are similar, but I see myself a bit more “bubbly” than Morgan is.

I could not ever envision a rock icon falling for me. I have joked with my family and

friends that back in the 80’s, if I would have ever met my favorite rock icon, I would have been terrified and ran the other way. Morgan and I also have similar relationships with our children. We are both very lucky women to have kids that love us so much.

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to publish their first book?

Write what you are passionate about and feel proud in what you have

accomplished. Do not pressure yourself with heavy expectations and enjoy

the process while taking pride in your hard work no matter how many books sell.

And remember, it is important to keep writing.

What can we expect from you next?

I am working on another romance novel and I am feeling incredibly inspired.

My goals are big, but I am going after them. You can expect more saucy,

sexy romances on a relatable level, guaranteed to make your toes curl. Another goal would be public speaking as I would love the opportunity to share my journey with other people.

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Rock Icon, Brody Mason, steers clear from commitment at all costs. When an unforeseen accident draws him to the new neighbor, Morgan Gray, he finds her impossible to resist. His stubborn attitude and playboy ways will not be enough to keep the barriers from faltering.

Two strangers, two completely different lives meld together. Fate or coincidence? Either way, love found them when they weren't looking for it.

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