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Author Interview "Kristal Glover-Wing"

Currently, over 65 million Americans care for chronically ill, disabled or aging family members. However, most caregivers lack medical knowledge, which often makes an already huge responsibility a daunting, often overwhelming task.

The Caregiver's Bible, a new book, by author Kristal Glover-Wing, helps make navigating all this easier by giving its readers a wealth of information and covers topics like how to manage major illnesses, deal with limited support, handle emotional issues, plan medication scheduling and much more.

Kristal, a registered nurse, has owned and operated a healthcare company for over 20-years and has worked in many different healthcare facilities as a traveling nurse. These experiences have offered her unique insights into patient care. In addition, she is a caregiver and lifetime advocate for patient's rights. Kristal, who has been featured in numerous media outlets wrote "The Caregiver's Bible," to help empower non-medical caregivers. Her book offers important nuts-and -bolts information with insights, options and advice for both patient and caregiver. When we caught-up with Kristal, this is what she had to say about her new book.

Tell me a bit about your background?

I have been a registered nurse for 22 years. In 1998 I opened up a healthcare company known as Angel Care Hospice and remained in business for 20 years, finally selling the company in 2018. I have been involved with the healthcare industry from a variety of angles, as a nurse, a long-term caregiver of my mother who recently passed; and a patient, who at one time was very ill. So, I have worked in the healthcare field and have had to navigate it as a consumer from both the caregiver’s and patient’s perspective.

What inspired you to write this book?

My inspiration came from the variety of healthcare situations I have been in. Through this I have developed the understanding of the need for knowledge. Even with all of my experience, navigating the medical field at times has been challenging. Throughout this all, I have encountered many, many patients and caregivers, at least 50 percent, who were confused, had concerns and didn't know what to do or who to turn to for answers to meet their needs. I understand firsthand how important it is to learn basic rules to navigate the medical field to get the things you or your loved one needs.

Can you share a few experiences you as a nurse have seen that informed your view on patient care?

I’ve seen many instances where patients were titled as noncompliant by medical staff but did not understand the condition they were being treated for because no one had taken the opportunity to teach them. There were Diabetics who didn't know to avoid carbohydrates, such as bread. Patients who were supposed to be on a cardiac diet but did not know what that meant. For instance, there was a man, who was on a low sodium diet, but didn’t know that processed foods have piles of sodium, so he didn’t realize the sausage sandwich he had earlier that day was bad for him. He thought because he wasn’t adding salt to his food at the table that he was complying with his diet. These instances are not uncommon, as a matter of fact, they are extremely common; not necessarily the label of noncompliance, but the confusion, misinformation or lack of information. I’ve encountered thousands of patients like that. These issues are not just diet related; they range from patients and caregivers not understanding how to adjust the care to manage the illness or the way medications should be administered, to not knowing which medical equipment would help them better care for their loved one or just simply having unanswered questions from medical providers. Noncompliance is when someone knows what to do but won’t do it. A patient can’t be noncompliant when he or she doesn’t know or doesn’t understand. The problem is that the lack of understanding eventually creates a situation where these patients end up in the hospital. When, more often than not, that hospital trip could have been avoided.

Who do you think this book will benefit the most?

Statistics show that over 65 million caregiver’s care for someone that they love, without necessarily having the tools to properly manage the illnesses that their loved one suffers from. Although these caregivers mean well and are doing a great job, many have confusion, fear and frustration as they fight to give their loved ones the best care possible. Ultimately, “The Caregiver’s Bible” is for anyone caring for a loved one or any person that suffers from an illness and wants to know more about how to better care for themselves.

Would you say there is an underlying message to your book?

Knowledge is power. The more you know and understand, the less you’re going to be forced to rely completely on medical professionals. You will be able to take the information from medical professionals and use your own enhanced knowledge and ultimately make your informed decision. Afterall, you want the best outcome for your loved one, knowing the tips and information contained within “The Caregiver’s Bible” will definitely create the best possible scenario for that to happen.

What are the main takeaways you’d like readers to come away with?

There are 5 things that every caregiver needs to know…

1. They need to know “What” they need to know in order to properly manage care for loved ones who are ill.

2. Learn hidden secrets that medical industry insiders know and won’t tell.

3. How to get the services that are needed in their home and everything those services truly offer.

4. What medical equipment can benefit them and how to get it.

5. How to get the medical professionals to work for you, in order to, ultimately have the best outcome possible.

What other projects are you currently working on?

The Caregiver’s Bible is a labor of love. I wanted to give caregivers and patients who aren’t necessarily “medical”, information that is not so easy to get, almost hidden in a sense. The overall goal is empowerment, to return power back to caregivers in the homes. So, I am working on a very different project from this one. Ultimately, I am an aspiring screenwriter, currently working on a short film and expanding my writer’s portfolio.

For more information please visit:

Kristal Glover-Wing’s Caregiver Bible

This simple, yet comprehensive guide contains a wealth of information, covering everything from how to manage major illness, emotional issues, limited support, medication management and more. The Caregiver's Bible will arm the reader with enough information to decrease medical incidents caused by callousness, dishonesty and overal incompetance, as it guides them through some of life's toughest decisions.

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