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Exclusive Interview "Karina Velasco & Lawrence Lanoff"

Yorgasmic is a space created by Karina Velasco and Lawrence Lanoff where they cultivate our erotic mindfulness. This awareness is the capacity we have to feel good in our bodies to empower ourselves to go out to the word and create the life we truly want. In their practices, online courses and the Yorgasmic Method, they give people the tools so they can find their sources of pleasure and self-realization. Their passion is to create more awareness of our body senses, personal power and sex energy so we can share that in our personal relationships and out in the world. Wellness methods usually focus on one or two aspects of our lives, and mostly rule out the importance of sex energy and the way we relate.

In their new book, The Future of Sex, these methods are outlined as a fresh perspective that redefines sexuality and draws on the power of erotic and orgasmic awareness to open the doors to freedom, energy, and personal power. The book contains all the tools you need to start shaping and experiencing full-blooded relationships and a deep-seated intimacy in a more empowering, spiritual way.

Exclusive Interview

Can you explain the Yorgasmic Method?

The Yorgasmic Method is a new window to discover yourself in new ways and shift the way you relate to sex, intimacy and energy. It is a method that switches on your glow and makes you feel so good that you can have amazing realizations about life, passion to pursue what you want and energy to make things happen. Being Yorgasmic is to feel life fully using the tools of pleasure, fun and relaxation as ways to heal and transform. It is the space where you to learn to and explore Sex Energy and to cultivate your capacity to use it for enhanced pleasure and to create a deeper connection with yourself and others.

The Yorgasmic Method is designed with practical and easy tools that you can use in your everyday life that will help you to be free and to make choices with a different perspective. At Yorgasmic we stand for a new way of creating deeper intimacy, optimizing your mindset about life and of the use of Sex Energy as the future of connection, pleasure and freedom.

These are four of our most important principles:

1: Radical self-acceptance and awareness to shift old paradigms and belief systems that have been inhibiting the way you live your sexuality and pleasure.

2: Pleasure is purpose. We accept, embrace and acknowledge that pleasure is natural, healthy and necessary for our overall wellbeing

3: Sex is a gift and our birth right. When we harness the power of Sex Energy we can truly dismantle the false identity of shame and control. This gift is the doorway to freedom and authentic expression of who we are.

4: We are our Own Ultimate Lover. We are our own source of sexual liberation and fulfillment. We claim this birthright and co-create love and connection with others from a place of sexual abundance and wholeness.

Tell us a bit about how you two got interested in the field?

Karina: I got interested the moment I understood that I could not be free if I did not accept who I really was. A woman whose birthright is being sexual, sensual and a lover of freedom and pleasure. In 2001 I was in India in a massive guided dance meditation, I felt so much freedom to express myself because I was not feeling judged for feeling sensations and emotions in a public setting that there was a moment when I felt a deep aliveness in my body, a massive release of emotions that I was holding for so many years and this lead to a beautiful moment where I felt an electrical current in my body that made me feel so much pleasure that opened me up to more freedom. This sensation felt similar to when you have an orgasm. In that moment I knew that there must be more about freedom, sex and pleasure, an idea that I had never thought before about. Months later I was in a library browsing for books on meditation and dance, I picked up a book randomly and there was my answer! It was a description about a similar experience that this book called the full body orgasm and ever since I got interested and committed to learn and master this knowledge and the different ancestral practices understating energy and sexuality.

Lawrence: I became interested in this field because I had already been teaching meditation as a way to help myself handle the challenges of my childhood. I realized that if meditation would be helpful to me at 10, it would be helpful to other kids and adults. I had the good fortune to meet an energy master when I was 11-years old who was super excited to mentor me because he was so impressed with my meditation teaching abilities.

You both have been practicing this for years, what made you decide to write your book, The Future of Sex now?

After many years of doing retreats and workshops, people kept asking us for a guide they could use to learn more and to follow up their practice at home. About two years ago we started creating meditations and practices and gathering all the shared knowledge. What is interesting is that our book was set to be out in the market since October 2019, little did we know it would be in this time where social distancing is confronting us with the desire to find connection with ourselves and others in a different way. That is the cool thing because the book’s main precept is exactly about energy sex and the ability we all have as human beings for energetic intimacy and a Sex Energy connection. This means there is a similar feeling in our body and neurological response to sex but without physical proximity or touch. This is the perfect time to explore this new way of connecting and we are glad we can bring this modality to public awareness so we can thrive as a connected community and not feel deprived of lack of touch or human connection.

How would you describe the book?

This book is the definitive guide to create a new mindset about sexuality, energy and relationships. It is a journey to discover the tools to make a shift in the way you think about sex and energy. It is the guide to understand and explore radical self-acceptance, freedom and sex energy. It gives you easy, practical and fun tools to experience connection, transformation and pleasure so you can create the life you really want and share love, support and energy with others.

In what areas of our lives can we apply the methods described in the book?

Energy moves the world. So if your own energy moves, the world moves along with you. A great example is what we usually see in a romantic comedy. There is this guy and this girl, they are both miserable, have no energy, feel unsatisfied, they are not happy in their work and feel disconnected to other people. One day they meet and there is a spark. They get intimate and share their secrets, they make love and suddenly in a blink of an eye they feel fabulous, creative, empowered and happy. In the next scene you see them both happy, walking to their office saying hi to everybody, at work they get the promotion they wanted and they have the best day ever. We all have the potential to feel this way all the time. The good news is that there is no need to wait for another to switch on our spark. We switch it on for ourselves and from that space the rest follows. This book is the guide to turn that spark on so you can be turned on by life and thrive in making money, creating intimate relationships and having the energy to do the things you want in life.

Sex is a loaded word in our culture, what would you say to someone who would normally shy away from your book or your work?

We would say to them to question why sex is a loaded word for them. Why do they feel shy about something that is as natural as having a meal? The problem about sex is not sex, but the narratives about it. If you understand this basic concept, then the world of intimacy opens up for you. There is nothing to be scared of, on the contrary, the more you know about sex the better your health, wellbeing, relationships and love life will be. If you are an educated adult you can take action towards what you want and be more empowered in your choices in love, connection and who and how to share sexuality with others.

What are you two working on next?

We are working on a series of books with Lawrence's lifelong work on ultimate freedom for money, sex and energy. We are writing at the moment our second book of the Yorgasmic Method with our healing modalities using energy and pleasure.

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“Our mission with the Yorgasmic Method is to empower your sexuality for you to rediscover and tap into the purest, wildest essence of the gift of pleasure, so that you can connect with your spirituality and live life to the fullest”. Karina and Lawrence .In a world in which any kind of information is just a click away, confusion nevertheless reigns, particularly as concerns our sexuality, which has been vilified and Satanized since medieval times; pornography has misled us and distorted the notion of pleasure, and taboos surrounding our bodies have not disappeared, even in the 21st century.The Yorgasmic Method is a window: a fresh perspective that redefines sexuality and draws on the power of erotic and orgasmic awareness to open the doors to freedom, energy, and personal power. This book contains all the tools you need to start shaping and experiencing full-blooded relationships and a deep-seated intimacy in a more empowering, spiritual way.

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