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Interview with Lyndia Lipscomb

Lyndia Lipscomb is a mom, grandmother, domestic abuse survivor, 25-year HR executive, and a private personal coach to celebrities. But more importantly, she is a woman that beat the odds of becoming a victim to the murderer that murdered her son.

Exclusive Interview

How would you describe your book?

Well it is not your typical self-help book. It’s about 5 different women that break their silence on how they escaped mental and emotional abuse that kept them silent for 15-20 years.

What initially inspired you to write the book?

What inspired me the most to write this book was knowing that I had a horrific story to tell and I no longer wanted to be silent or voiceless; I wanted to speak my truth and loudly. And more importantly I knew there were other women that may have suffered similar pain and I wanted them to know that they were not alone; and it was ok to tell their stories. The mission was to help other women that may have suffered emotional, physical or mental abuse. I believed that if I helped one woman change her life by reading this book, then mission accomplished.

That is a memorable title, how did you come up with it?

It’s a fact that women are emotional creatures. The Vagina is the center of our core being. I did not want to sugar coat the topic. I wanted to speak loudly about love, life, sex, marriage and motherhood from that one common denominator: the vagina. The vagina as our center core holds our secrets, our passions and takes us on this incredible journey of life. So, why not address it head on?

What is one main message you hope readers take away from reading your book?

That one main message that I hope my readers take away from reading my book is that love and abuse comes in many colors; some are vivid and some not so vivid, but either way you do not have to become a victim to life’s challenges and tragedies. We all have a story and our stories should be heard. Some women live in silence for many years, and some women die never telling their story. I want all women to have a voice.

What challenges were there in writing this book?

One of the challenges in writing this book was reading the stories of the other women for the first time and feeling their pain. However, the most challenging aspect of writing this book was connecting these women that had never met before and how to crash their stories into one book with the same purpose and message. But the most rewarding part of writing this book was the redemption period each woman accomplished and understanding how these women from different cultures and races found different ways of survival to rekindle their soul on their own. That was the ultimate triumph of strength and courage.

Who do you think your book will appeal to most?

I believe the book would mostly appeal to women 35 and older. Women that have endured many challenges in life through marriage, childbirth, relationships, motherhood, and more importantly physical and emotional abuse from a significant other or any tragedy that may have once crippled them through their life’s journey. However, since the book has been published, I have noticed that through analytics the age of the readers has been females starting at age 25. But what’s more surprising is that I have men now requesting that I write a book from the male perspective because they feel that they have also been affected by abuse from women, or simply bad relationships. What an interesting concept to investigate.

Do you have any other upcoming projects?

My upcoming projects includes releasing the audio book for “If My Vagina Could Talk” and starting the pre-production of an Indie Film (Genre: Family Comedy) I wrote addressing mental issues in today’s era. The film is the unveiling of a small town’s nutty secrets and scrupulous lies hidden in a small town in Texas…lol.

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Lyndia’s new book is sure to grab attention. The 90’s gave us “The Vagina Monologues” and now in Lyndia’s new book, “If My Vagina Could Talk”, she tells the unapologetic truth of five women and their stories of success, failure, and triumph. If My Vagina Could Talk tells true-life stories about the survival and overcoming odds covering a wide range of topics including marriage, motherhood, sexuality, money, power, single-hood and most of all, female empowerment. Her highest hope is that her new book will help other women gain back their power and inspire them to find their voice and take back their life. Lyndia took some time to share her story with us.

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