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Angela K. Chambers: Owner of P&J Printing & Publishing, Inc

Angela K. Chambers is the Owner of P&J Printing & Publishing, Inc. (P&J) P&J is locally owned and operated in Tulsa, Oklahoma. P&J provides printing and publishing services.

P&J serves as a user’s guide to black-owned businesses, both in print and online in Tulsa, Oklahoma, aka “Black Wall Street”. P&J is expanding the brand by creating opportunities for entrepreneurs in major urban cities across the United States to own and publish black business guides on a local level. The number of black-owned businesses has increased significantly in the last decade and advertising will play a very vital role in their success or failure.

The black business guides are a resource, creating collective marketing opportunities for black-owned businesses. As P&J advertises locally and nationally, smaller businesses advertising in those magazines will receive more exposure. Through world-class design, bold photography, and captivating writing, the guides point consumers to the best in the culture whether its food, dancing, drink, fashion, travel, nightlife and more.

Each guide features entrepreneurs; and seasoned startups, highlighting their products, sales, services and what makes them so special.

P&J is currently printing and publishing Tulsa Black Owned Business Guide (TBOBG) and Tulsa Urban Beauty Guide (TUBG) magazines. The upcoming edition of TBOBG highlights black-owned businesses in Tulsa and shinning the spotlight on Black Wall Street as the City recognizes the 100 Year Anniversary of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre.

The May/June 2021 edition will be a keepsake magazine for years to come. TBOBG was first published March 6, 2020. Each magazine featured a local black business owner. Then P&J launched, published and printed the Oklahoma City Black Owned Business Guide and since have published Tulsa Urban Beauty Guide, Tulsa Urban Cannabis Guide, Black In Business Guide and Oklahoma Worldwide Trucking Guide.

Opportunities are available throughout the United States. P&J will begin accepting applications for new franchise partners beginning July 1, 2021. P&J Printing & Publishing, Inc. has partnered with a few AMAZING organizations including the National Black Business Network, Oklahoma Black Business Network, Tulsa Black Owned Business Network, Glammed by Chiku', and Permits and Process Agents to offer affordable opportunities for businesses owners in the media space. Interested entrepreneurs should contact P&J to request more information at

Angela K. Chambers is a Business Coach, Author, Publisher, and Serial Entrepreneur. She launched P&J Printing & Publishing, Inc. (P&J Publishing, Inc.) and is a contributing blogger for P&J Publishing and 918 Lady Business Blogger. Her desire is helping others to take their passion from hobby to empire through realistic and practical actions of success.

Angela holds a master's degree in Entrepreneurial Studies from Langston University. From the same university, she also earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and received Entrepreneurship training from the Ready Set Go Foundation and is currently pursuing her doctorate’s.

One of Angela's biggest roles, however, is in her company LasTop Lawn Maintenance & Landscaping, Inc. Angela has been able to use her education and industry experience to gross over a million dollars in revenue for the company. She is also the founder of LasTop Lawn Care Empire Program.

In this coaching program, entrepreneurs learn the strategies and techniques needed to start and grow long-lasting lawn care businesses. Having seen many companies fail during her career, it is her mission to guide others in finding just as much success as she and her companies have.

Angela enjoys studying the Bible, reading, writing, learning and traveling. More than anything, and above it all, she loves spending her free time with her husband, children, and grandchildren.


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