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Author Interview with Angela Orams

Angela Orams’ new book, 'Sneaky Sophie & The Token Fairy' is an interactive story that teaches children that giving, as opposed to receiving, is often what brings the most satisfaction. Sneaky Sophie is more than a book. It comes in a kit with a bag of shiny tokens. Certain tokens are given to children after losing a tooth, the others have messages of encouragement, to be given as “tokens” of appreciation.

Angela, who is a prolific writer, is busy working on songs, screenplays and upcoming books. Continue reading for an exclusive interview with this multi talented author.


What was the impetus for writing "Sneaky Sophie And The Token Fairy”?

As a kid, I was fascinated by the concept of the tooth fairy. I liked the idea of getting money after losing a tooth. Although my Nigerian parents were loving and nurturing, we didn’t have a “tooth fairy.” Many times I would leave a tooth under the pillow before going to bed, and then wake up the next morning to see the tooth still there.

How would you describe the book?

Sneaky Sophie & The Token Fairy is about a little girl named Sophie who discovers that whenever she loses a tooth, she gets a token (a coin) from the Token Fairy. The problem is, she's only lost one tooth but she wants more tokens. Sophie mischievously devises a plan to get more tokens.

Is this your first book?

No, I have written other books and am currently working on another children's book series.

What surprised you most about writing this book?

I think I remember from childhood people getting as much as a quarter from the tooth fairy. Recently, I asked a group of friends how much they would leave their children. I was surprised when someone told me that their children received twenty dollars per tooth.

What do you hope children take away from Sneaky Sophie?

My desire is for children to see that giving can be more rewarding than receiving.

When we do something nice for others, that feeling of happiness we get inside ends up giving us more.

Would you consider yourself primarily a children's author?

I am also a nurse. I think that's where my desire of wanting people to do good stems from. The world seems so big, but any two people from different parts of the world can share the same feelings and respond in similar ways. I think that Sophie's characteristics can be seen in children from all over the world. Although I have written books for children, I have also written for other age groups.

Are you currently working on any other books or projects?

Along with Sneaky Sophie & The Token Fairy, I am also working on other children's book series, as well as screenplays.

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