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Author Jason Boyce Talks his debut novel, Chronic Fatigue Gone.

There are many books about chronic fatigue on the market, but “Chronic Fatigue Gone!” is distinctive. Written by Jason Boyce, who has suffered with Chronic Fatigue for over sixteen years, the book provides information on natural and pharmacological remedies for long-term fatigue conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, ME/CFS, Lyme disease, and fibromyalgia, which your doctor may not have considered.

A long-time ME/CFS/long-term COVID sufferer, Boyce used himself as an experimental petri dish. The book which covers his journey, provides incredibly valuable insights into little known therapies which are often ignored or dismissed by traditional western medicine. With this book, Boyce hopes to reach and help as many people as possible to help them successfully mitigate their own chronic fatigue. Read on for an exclusive interview.

Tell us about your debut book, Chronic Fatigue Gone!

I wrote this book because millions of people are needlessly suffering from chronic fatigue instigated by viruses, COVID 19, and a variety of other causes and triggers. Historically, the medical community has struggled to both identify chronic fatigue and treat the causes of this affliction. THAT’S NOT OK!

I decided to do something about it. I believe this is the first book ever to provide information on a huge range of potential remedies, both natural and pharmacological to help remedy all the symptoms of Long COVID, ME/CFS, Lyme, and fibromyalgia.

I have used my own body as an experimental petri dish, researched for hundreds of hours in order to provide valuable insights into therapies that will potentially change the lives of thousands. Therapies include nebulizing hydrogen peroxide, nebulizing glutathione, high dose vitamin D, cold therapy, red light therapy, PEMF therapy, the lightning process, Mickel therapy, and ketamine therapy, amongst others. These therapies combined provide a powerful knock-out punch for chronic fatigue and other common symptoms related to long COVID and chronic illnesses.

The book also delves into what supplements best increase energy levels, the best diet for those with chronic illnesses, and the latest developments on biotechnology companies' attempts to create drugs specifically for chronic fatigue caused by long COVID and other triggers.

The book also provides advice on how to beat depression, how to get back to sleep, how to stay motivated long enough to get better, how to remain positive and how to create a positive habit. There is also a chapter on what to do in the event of a major energy crash, (most people with chronic fatigue have crash days). This chapter explains short-term hacks to provide enough energy to get through the day. Especially useful if you have a scheduled event, you really can’t miss.

What was the impetus for you writing the book?

As a long-time sufferer of chronic fatigue (16 years) brought about by a nasty virus (and then COVID), I got frustrated by the medical community’s inability to provide any solutions. I was told to rest, eat well, not work and take anti-depressants. I had two choices: Assume all the doctors were right, and waste my life away in my bedroom, or find solutions to beating chronic fatigue. So, I chose the latter. It took me 5 years of complete dedication by reading, learning, and trying absolutely everything possible to cure fatigue. Well, it worked! I now have enough energy to live a perfectly normal life and I am desperate to share this knowledge with others.

How long have you been working on this project?

5 years researching and 14 months writing.

What most surprised you about writing this book?

Probably how easy it was! I know I shouldn’t say that, but the truth is that I had learned so much, that putting it to paper was both cathartic and enjoyable. I never had a single moment of ‘writer's block’. Also, being highly motivated to be a positive force in the world increased my motivation to get the book finished.

The other surprising factor was that almost everybody I know knew somebody who suffers from fatigue or long COVID in some shape or form. That was a further motivational factor in completing the book as fast as I could.

What would you suggest to someone suffering from chronic fatigue who seems to have given up all hope?

Firstly, never, ever give up. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. I would ask them to learn about the most important therapies and make the effort to try them out. I would ask them to buy a nebulizer (a device that vaporizes liquid into a fine mist) and to nebulize 3% hydrogen peroxide (HP). HP kills all pathogens and bacteria, increases blood oxygen levels, and provides a substantial burst of energy. I would also ask them to learn about the master antioxidant; Glutathione, which can also be nebulized, which helps reduce the toxic load from both food and environmental toxins.

I would ask them to conquer their depression (most people with chronic fatigue suffer from depression). There is an amazing therapy gaining national attention called ketamine therapy, a psychoactive compound that can substantially reduce depression in as little as 24 hours. (Google it now!)

I would discuss with them the importance of high dose vitamin D (not actually a vitamin, but a hormone), which reduces the symptoms of fatigue. In fact, those deficient in vitamin D are 3.4 times more likely to perish from COVID.

These therapies help to reduce inflammation, a major precursor for chronic fatigue. Undertaking cold therapy, such as an ice bath, jumping into a cold swimming pool or even taking a cold shower can really help reduce inflammation. Cutting out high inflammatory foods such as refined carbohydrates (white bread etc.), processed foods, sugary foods, fried foods, soda and red meat is vital to kick start recovery. The book discusses the benefits of different diets such as keto and paleo, as well as a simple diet I’ve named BGT, bush, ground, and tree diet.

I would ask them to research these therapies and diets in order to help motivate themselves, as motivation is hugely important to beat any chronic affliction. Of course, my book will help them in their research endeavors and includes an important chapter on how to stay motivated long enough to beat fatigue.

What are the main points you hope readers take away from your book?

Read, learn and use the therapies that are expounded in the book. Learn how to beat depression, how to get back to sleep, how to keep motivated, and how to create a habit.

Creating a habit is vital, as it ensures compliance to undertaking the therapies on a regular basis. Make sure you do your own research to educate yourself that these therapies are viable, safe, and efficacious.

Be your own health advocate. Only you can make the change you need to get better. Don’t let your doctor tell you there is nothing that can be done. Make sure you see a holistic physician, either a naturopath or integrative medicine specialist. A primary care doctor may not know enough to help you. Ask for the widest blood test possible, what you don’t know can kill you (and can certainly keep you fatigued). Make sure you get a poop test to ascertain the balance of the bacteria in your gut. This is vital to maintain a healthy immune system. Both the blood tests and poop test can (and probably will) show biological conditions that may be improved by simple supplements (some you may never have even heard about), that can make you feel better within a few weeks! Your primary care doctor may not provide or recommend a wide enough blood panel to catch these potential health conditions.

And most of all, don’t give up, don’t give up, don’t give up, and when you feel like giving up, don’t give up.

Are you working on any other projects?

Yes, I am working on ideas for the Gone series. Projects in the pipeline include a more COVID targeted book, Long COVID Gone! and I have been asked by many to do a book specifically for depression, so I’m looking at a deep dive into how to beat depression called, Chronic Depression Gone!

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