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Being Elite & Making Infinite Income Is A Book Read Away!

These days everyone is trying to find the perfect pivot or way to help their companies succeed. Tanner Chidester has found a successful model that works, and has helped countless companies make millions.

Tanner is set to release his first book entitled “Infinite Income” that will help people get just that, and he spoke to us about it first!

1. What is the key to success you have found?

I think there's two reasons people aren't successful. Either they don't have the write path and strategy, or they don't work hard enough. From a young age my father taught me how to work extremely hard. I power washed, mowed lawns, and had to pay for any "extra" things that I wanted. Being a young child I hated him at the time for it, but now that I'm older I'm so grateful for the tremendous work ethic it helped me build. Most people won't do the work even if given the right path.

2. You are about to launch your first book entitled "Infinite Income"... tell us about it and why people should pick it up?

This book goes from A to Z on exactly what I did and what someone else should do if they're looking to build a profitable online business. In my 3 year journey I explain how I went from zero to almost 25 million in my first 3 years with each year significantly higher in income.

3. What was the hardest part about writing the book?

Everything! I didn't realize how much time and effort goes into making a book. There's a lot of drafts, editing, and revisions that have to take place over an extended period of time before you can even publish it. It was about a year process for me to get this done and I have a newfound respect for individuals who make books now.

4. What authors and books are on your top reading list?

High Performance Habits by Brendan Bruchard, Any book by Joe Dispenza, I have also started finding interest in reading books by billionaires to understand the ways they think differently.

5. What quote helps motivate you on a daily basis?

Honestly Nike's "Just Do It." So many people have so many excuses for why they can't or aren't doing things. Reality is you either do it or you don't and more people need to just put their head down and work.

6. Will "Infinite Income" have a follow-up in the future do you think? Or too soon to tell?

I have no idea. I think most of it depends on the reaction with my audience and marketing. If they enjoy it and give good feedback more than likely I will. If not I don't think so because it was a ton of work.

7. What do you usually spend your own personal income on?

Besides my two cars and rent I rarely spend on anything personal unless it's going out to eat. I get more excited about traveling and experiences over anything.

8. Where can people get a copy of your new book once it is out?

Stay tuned for more details on its release to:


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