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Dr. Antonio M. Murray introduces his new book.....Your Potential

Your Potential: A Guide to Increasing Your Potential and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs Do you have a hard time accomplishing your goals? Are you letting your limiting beliefs prevent you from obtaining success? Do you find it challenging to maintain focus? Look no further. Your Potential is for you. This book will change how you think and how you view day-to-day challenges. Dr. Antonio Murray has over 25 years of experience using spiritual knowledge to gain success. Dr. Murray will show you techniques and strategies to assist you with overcoming limiting beliefs that prevent many from achieving their goals and becoming successful. This book is packed with over 200 Positive Affirmations, Subconscious Mind Hacks, and even Meditation Techniques that you can use to alter your reality. The first universal law is that The All Is Mind, and Everything is Mental. The first universal law is the anchor of this book. All of which we have experienced up to this point is a direct result of our thinking process. Your Potential is the one book that will change you in one way or another. Purchase your copy on

Dr. Antonio M. Murray is the Founder of Light-Code Life Coaching, a life coaching business that helps people find their true purpose and help them remove obstacles that prevent them from living a holistic life.

Dr. Murray has worked in the field of Public Safety as a Firefighter for the last 20 years. However, his passion is assisting others spiritually and coaching his fellow humans in their challenges.

Dr. Murray is an ordained metaphysical minister and metaphysical practitioner with the International Metaphysical Ministry. He holds a bachelor’s degree, B.Msc., and a master’s degree, M.Msc., from the University of Metaphysics. He also has a Ph.D. in Holistic Life Coaching from the University of Sedona.

He has published several multi-genre books: The Power of Your Words: How Changing Your Words Can Changing Your Life is one of them. The Power of Your Words explores how we can speak negative things and cause them to manifest in our lives. In contrast, Dr. Murray explains how we can use the power of our thoughts and words to create success in our lives.

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