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Dr. Kelly Renee Schutz is no stranger to the paranormal world!

Some might call Dr. Kelly Renee Schutz, a Jane of all trades. She is a retired college professor, litigation paralegal, and event manager. She continues wearing many hats as a podcaster, author, crafter-artist, cookbook creator, registered cottage baker, photographer, relationship consultant, genealogist, voice actor, and world traveler. Yet, she has still managed to add more to her resume. While her career path over the years has been primarily white-collar, Schutz has now added paranormal investigative enthusiast to her list of accomplishments.

At the age of 4, Dr. Schutz began experiencing visions of traumatic events that showed on television as early as the next day. As these situations kept occurring, she began thinking she was causing them. “I didn’t know how to turn these visions off,” Schutz stated. By the age of 9, she experienced clairaudience while staying at her grandparent’s house after school hearing voices in their kitchen. By her mid-thirties, after photographing two apparitions in a screened window, she heard a message given by them to check a name inaccuracy in the family genealogy. This situation led to the realization she was not only clairaudient but telepathic. Over the past fifty years, she has developed into an avowed sensitive intuitive and empathetic investigator who has experienced more than 100 unique paranormal and 3-4 extraterrestrial visitations.

In her more recent endeavors, Dr. Schutz is the host and producer of two top ranked paranormal podcast shows, and the author of 10 paranormal books, working on number 11. Schutz uses both her podcast and books to provide her audience with evidence and stories of her real-life paranormal encounters. This includes her encounters with a variety of phenomena such as alien visitations, shadow people, messages in cemeteries, poltergeist, brain frequency changes, apparitions, possessions, orb invasion, and more. Due to her unique encounters throughout her life, many believe Schutz, is indeed a Star Seed child. However, Schutz humbly responds “maybe.”

Although it is evident Schutz possesses a unique gift, her humility and various skill set is what seems to attract so many people to her work. Schutz diverse body of work, places her in a great position during her paranormal investigations. Dr. Schutz has successfully managed to intertwine all her skills so that each different skill is beneficial to her work in more than one task. For example, she uses her investigative paralegal and interviewing skills in her perceived paranormal encounters to conduct analysis on various situations, photographs, and understanding of history connection. Thus, Schutz’s unique investigative style has managed to attract an audience of both paranormal enthusiasts as well as those who are still skeptical, but curious.

When asked what to expect from her in the near future, Dr. Schutz was excited to announce she will be a featured workshop speaker at the 4th annual UFO Mega Conference. While the location and date have yet to be determined for 2023, Dr. Schutz is optimistic about the success of the conference. Additionally, Dr. Schutz announced she is currently working on the production of her second audiobook, “The Adventures of Mildred,” as well as writing her 11th paranormal book.

So, while you await information on the upcoming UFO Mega Conference and Schutz’s new books, be sure to check out her podcast and dive into one of her other books from the Paranormal Encounters series found on Amazon!


About The Author:

Dr. Kelly Renee Schutz has worn many different hats in her career. Now a retired college professor and paralegal, she has provided her services in the fields of Post-Secondary Adult Education, Communications, Management, Teaching, and Law.

A "jack-a-leen" of all interests, she continues to be an accomplished educator, speaker, and the published author of ten self-published non-fiction paranormal books and six cookbooks. Currently, she is the host-producer of two popular podcast shows, crafter-artist, writer, voice actor, cottage baker, genealogist, and world traveler. Kelly has also published a 22-segment CD audiobook entitled, “Maynard and Mildred.”

For the past several years, Dr. Schutz has immersed herself into the paranormal realm experiencing 100+ encounters and more recently, 3-4 extraterrestrial visitations. Using her skills as a litigation paralegal and investigator, she found they came in handy during paranormal investigations. Also a professional photographer, she learned how to debunk situations by analyzing her photographs.

In her spare time, Kelly freelances on offering gigs in paranormal, issues/relationships, and voiceover work. She hosts-produces two top ranked paranormal shows, Paranormal Encounters Podcast Series and is also heard on the Para-X Radio Network. She is the leader of five art groups on Fine Art America, is an artisan in a tourist shop in northern Minnesota, was the owner of a craft show event venue, and former member-artist at South Shore Arts, Chicago where she sold many of her artistic items in their silent auctions.

Lifelong interests have included the study of people involving behavior and cultural differences with a secondary interest in life-after-death issues exploring paranormal-extraterrestrial phenomena. She has encountered over 100+ experiences with the paranormal and most recently, 3-4 extraterrestrial visitations. ​

Dr. Schutz will be featured as a workshop speaker at the 4th Annual UFO Mega Conference, Bally's Casino, to be held in Las Vegas, March 22, 2022. She will engage her audience in a two-hour discussion about her life with the paranormal. The title of her workshop is, “Haunted Life: Stalked by Unexplained Paranormal-Extraterrestrial Pests.” Tickets to see Dr. Schutz are on sale at


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