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Dr. LaDonna N. Smith introduces: Healing The Wounded Child Within

One of the great commonalities we share is our quiet experiences with childhood trauma. Whether it was severe or modest, these experiences can hold us back as we grow and develop, often with detrimental effects. Healing The Wounded Child Within To Unleash Your Inner “G” was written from a unique perspective for everyone who has suffered childhood trauma and are actively seeking to begin the healing process. Filled with important lessons and facts, this workbook contains more than 40 exercises to allow you to escape your past and start walking confidently into your future. Life is short enough already. Isn’t it time you took control of your life and started enjoying all it has to offer?

Dr. LaDonna N. Smith (born & raised in Brownsville, Brooklyn) is a multi-faceted songwriter, author, educator, Holistic counselor, & trauma informed therapeutic art coach. A self-made & independent artist, LaDonna carries an M.ED from SUNY Empire State College, and a Ph.D. in Holistic Psychology from the University of Metaphysical Science. Her story-driven, metaphorical lyricism has allowed her to create something fresh and original in the current genres of Hip-Hop and R&B. Her five-track discography dubbed “The Spiritual Gangsta (Trapsoul),can be used fully as a mental health resource for those in need of spiritual guidance. The EP includes Guided Meditations, Affirmations, Music, and Mantras, all designed to get listeners in the right mindset for healing. As an educationist with a passion for mental health advocacy among African Americans, LaDonna offers transformative services like; trauma-informed therapeutic art coaching, and holistic healing modalities including meditation, and inner child healing. Her life's mission is to help others heal from their past traumas and spread the joy of mindful meditation practices through her music and YouTube channel where she shares resources that can be useful to everyone. LaDonna is a versatile artist that has mastered the art of using music as the connector between her teachings and today's generation. Her meditation style is dynamic and well-rounded, which makes her an artist to look out for.


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