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Exclusive Interview With Author "Anthony Schembri"

Anthony Schembri is a distinguished former police commissioner with a background in the Homicide Bureau, forensic evidence, and leadership positions in law enforcement. Schembri’s dynamic career and accolades, including an Innovations in Government award from Harvard, have shaped the captivating narrative of his first fiction novel. As a Fulbright scholar and author of books on criminal law and leadership, Schembri’s masterful storytelling leaves readers craving more.

His new book, In Russia: A Brooklyn Solution, follows Lieutenant Anthony Migali of the NYPD as he is thrust into an international web of deceit and murder, tasked with solving Moscow’s first-ever serial killer case.  From the teeming boroughs of Brooklyn to the opulent halls of the Kremlin, Migali

embarks on a relentless pursuit of a killer - and unravels a twisted conspiracy that threatens

to shake the very foundations of justice. As the stakes escalate and danger looms at every

turn, Migali’s resilience and determination become his only allies in a foreign land.

We recently had the opportunity to interview Anthony Schrembi, here’s what he had to say about the book, his career and what we can expect from him.



You have led such an interesting career in law enforcement and criminal justice - what made you

decide to start writing fiction?

It began with an idea after meeting the Russians about a case they had.


Do you use a lot of real-life experiences in your writing?



Tell us a little about your upcoming book, In Russia: A Brooklyn Solution.

It began in law school. I developed a course on Corruption and Ethics, and it made the front page of the NY Law Journal. The Russians saw it and invited me to the embassy to ask to put a Russian attaché in my class. I asked them about any serial killers in Russia. They told me of a case where they executed a man for killing 51 children, but he was innocent. They didn’t know how to investigate a case like that.


Why did you choose to base the book in Russia? Do you have personal experiences there?

That’s where the case originated from.


How much of yourself do you see in your main character, Lieutenant Migali?

He is me, and my real-life cases were adapted to fit the story.


The 90s crime drama "The Commish," was based on your life, career, and experiences. Tell us about that!

I met Sylvester Stallone and we spoke of my cases. He wanted to put it on the screen. He just finished the Boom Boom Mancini story, but his interest lapsed, and the rights returned to me. The writer went to work for Steve Cannell. Cannel tool up the rains


In Russia: A Brooklyn Solution would make a great film! Who do you see playing Migali and his Russian counterpart?

For Vladi (Migali’s Russian counterpart) I could see Chaim Topol but he died. I haven’t thought that far.


Can you share with us one personal story of your life as a police commissioner?

Being a police commissioner is like managing a dynamite factory where all the employees are allowed to smoke.


Do you see yourself continuing down this writing path? Will we see Lieutenant Migali again?

I have a second book I am playing with.


What are you working on now and what can we expect from you next?

I still love to teach and deal with policing problems coming at us. Policing was job you ran to now its one you run from and it’s a self-inflicted wound.



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