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Exclusive interview with author "BK Greenwood’

BK Greenwood’s love for reading began at a young age. His family moved around quite a bit and he turned to reading as a coping mechanism to navigate through the inconsistencies of attending seven different elementary schools in both his home state of New Hampshire and relocating to Arizona at age 9. Methodical in his reading approach, his formative years prior to middle school found his interests veering more towards non-fiction immersing himself in geography, history, and zoology with a pivot to fiction as a teenager after discovering the Tarzan of the Apes series. Fast forward to his late twenties and his interests in both genres merged and began to translate into writing of his own.

Twenty years later, Greenwood has completed the first two books in his series ‘The Last Roman.’ The historical fiction thriller based on Rome’s Ninth Legion finds the protagonist, Marcus Sempronius Gracchus, traipsing around 2,000 years of history. The plot twists and turns around flashback scenes from Ancient Rome to modern times as Gracchus is cursed with eternal life, forced to reconcile his past, and find redemption. Today, we have the pleasure of catching up with BK for an exclusive interview.


How much did you have to research the history of the era?

I have done a significant amount of research about all the periods in which I write about. Book one has scenes in ancient Rome, early Medieval Europe, and the late stages of the Byzantium empire. The flashbacks are not only interesting snippets of history, but they also help flesh out characters that are crucial to the modern-day plot.

How would you describe the series?

I would say it’s the perfect hybrid of historical fiction and modern-day thriller. Part Davinci Code, part Indiana Jones, and part Highlander. The feedback that I have received has been especially positive around the action and battle scenes.

Is the protagonist Marcus Sempronius Gracchus inspired by anyone in real life or entirely fictitious?

Real-life, no. But I would say he borrows traits from a number of other leading men. The humor of Die Hard's John McClane, the stoicism of Batman, and the fighting prowess of John Wick, to name a few. Along the way, he brings his own nuance to the character, influenced by the events that have shaped his immortal existence.

Do you see the story translating well for film or television? If so, why?

I do. Ideally, TV, as the book is ideally set to play out in scenes over time. But it could also be a movie. A large number of readers have said it "reads like a Netflix series".

What do you want readers to take away from the first two books in “The Last Roman” series?

I want to readers to have fun and enjoy the journey through history. I hope they learn a little about unknown events in the past, like the battle of Tours or the fall of Constantinople. And maybe along the way, have some sympathy of the antagonist, Thomas. Not all bad guys are bad.

Are you working on any other books in the series or otherwise?

I am working on book three, the finale to the series. It should be available in March of 2022. I also continue to write short stories that are based in the Last Roman "universe". I usually release one every couple of months. When book three is complete, I will either work on full-length prequels with these characters or perhaps begin a completely new series.

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