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Exclusive Interview With Author Bre Brown

Bre Brown currently serves as the Youth Minister of Watchman Ministries, alongside her Husband Eric Smith, located in Fredericksburg, VA. She has been regarded, as the "prophetic voice for the next generation." She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Louisville and currently possesses her qualified mental health professional registration in the state of Virginia. She is currently pursuing her Master's in Non-Profit Studies from the University of Richmond. She plans on using her degree to help her start her own organization which will focus on equipping and activating youth into purpose through education and mentorship.


Can you give our readers a brief description of your book?

Sure thing. The mains character’s name in the book series is Bre. She is based off the six-year-old version of myself. Little Bre is struggling to make sense of the world around her. Her parents are divorced, and her father is hardly present in her life. She’s currently being raised by her single mother. Within this book, we find Little Bre excited to spend time with her absentee father. But just when Little Bre gets ready to meet him to play, he cancels on her. Little Bre is devastated and her mother not knowing what to say, begins to tell her daughter about a father that she has by the name of Daddy Jesus. This leads Little Bre to begin to seek after who this Daddy Jesus really is to her.

What inspired you to write the book, Bre’s Heavenly Adventures With Jesus: True Meaning of Unconditional Love? Better yet, have it become an entire series?

I would definitely have to say my sole inspiration came from the Holy Spirit, who was telling me it was time to tell my story to help bring healing to the younger generation and their families. When I was writing I found that I was able to pour a lot of myself into the main character, and was able to tap back into those stories of hurt and pain from certain issues that I suffered with as a child such as not feeling loved, being bullied, dealing with grief, and not knowing my worth, etc. This series is not only meant to spark inspiration, but it’s also meant to spark determination within children; to know that what happened to them is not what defines them but it’s what they decide to do with themselves after the moment passes that determines who they will become.

What is one main message you hope readers take away from the Bre’s Heavenly Adventures Series?

I want readers to know that this is more than just a Christian children’s series. But it’s a series meant to bring children and families together. The ultimate goal of this series is meant to truly foster healing. I wanted this series to begin critical conversations with parents and children early on to discuss the tough issues that often plague children as they get older.

What advice would you give children who come from single parent homes or homes that are broken? What advice would you give to parents as well?

I would tell them that although right now may be a rough time in their life and all those bad things maybe happening to them or around them, those experiences do not make up who they are, and they do not determine where they end up in life. I would tell them that they are loved, wanted, and valued. I would even tell them that they were created for more and that they have a purpose here in this life. If they are suffering from depression, I would ask parents/guardians to open up lines of communication to ensure that their children feel both safe and valued by them. But I was also say, get your children the help they need mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically to ensure that they don’t grow up being resentful, bitter, depressed, or suicidal because they never had an outlet to be able to speak and feel their emotions. If it’s not a counselor, I definitely say allow your children to get mentored or coached by a trusted adult who can empower your child to become the best version of themselves.

On a more Personal Note: Tell us a little about your “real” life-family, job, hobbies.

Life is definitely busy for me these days, due to personal obligations. However, I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. I recently got married back in May to my wonderful and supportive Husband Eric Smith. I currently work for the Rappahannock United Way as their Intake Coordinator where I help people with rent and mortgage relief. I also currently mentor youth within the Fredericksburg community. Lastly, I’m working on master’s degree program in Non-Profit Studies from the University of Richmond.

How can readers connect with you?

Readers can connect with me via my email, IG-Bresheavenlyadventures, FB page-Bre Brown. Also, please go to my website, it currently houses my book, merchandise, services I offer, and my blog where I give both children and parents tips on how to navigate some of life challenges for the children. To learn more please go to

About the book

Bre gets angry when her father breaks his promise and refuses to play with her. But Bre’s mom tells her that she has another father named Jesus - and he’s the best father ever.

He’s always there, always ready to listen, and he’ll never stop loving her - even when she’s made a mistake!

So Bre goes to heaven to meet him… and this book will tell you what happened there!

This delightful children’s book - complete with prayers and bonus activities - will bring your entire family closer to Jesus and help your son or daughter discover the true meaning of unconditional love.


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