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Exclusive interview with author "Davis Macdonald"

Author Davis Macdonald could be the most prolific mystery novelist you’ve never heard of. But that’s all changing. In the vein of Michael Joseph Connelly, Macdonald writes a novel a year, a mystery and suspense story wrapped around a significant social issue of 21st Century America. His novel “The Lake,” which was published four months before the pandemic, was eerily prophetic.

As his website states,” Grab one of his novels, buckle up for some adventure, and enjoy the read.” Writer’s Life was lucky enough to catch up with Davis McDonald for this exclusive interview.


Can you tell us a bit about your background?

I’ve been a lawyer for 40 years, and have represented many dynamic characters who’ve succeeded against the odds and built extensive empires. From experiences with this collection of clients, I’ve drawn many of my stories and vignettes and fictionalized them into my suspense novels. If any of the stories and sub-plots ring true in the books, it’s because they are.

What made you decide to write mysteries?

I take a year to write each novel, spinning a tale of mystery and intrigue around societal issues important to us all.

Stanislaw Lec wrote, “My stories are like bitter pills in sugar coating. The pills are harmless: the poison is in the sugar…”

Where do you draw inspiration from for your books?

From my 40 years of experience with clients and their stories, and from the dramatic and evolving social issues that affect us all.

You’re a seasoned author, do you have a favorite book?

Each book is different. Each like a child I conceived and gave birth. Do you have a favorite child? Or do you love them all, across their many differences, strengths, faults, and varying attitudes?

Your book “The Lake,” was written before COVID-19.  It deals with a pandemic.  Can you tell us a bit about it?

Yes. It was a bit of prescience. When I wrote the book, I had a couple of concerns in mind. The Swine flu that was sweeping Asia and killing off the pig population, the brisk business of illegally selling body parts around the World, and the new norm for scientists, who willy-nilly t go tinkering with genes, DNA, and things about which they really understand little..

The opening quote ahead of the title page is from The Sorcerer's Apprentice, by J. W. von Goethe (1797).

My premise was, ‘Suppose through the tinkering of scientists, the swine flu jumped to humans.’

What is your favorite part about writing?

The writing itself is the best. It gives me the joy to create and to mix and match fiction with stories and memories from my varied life experience.

What do you hope readers take away from your works?

A strong sense of the dramatic social issue the book brings to the fore. For instance:

-What is true love and would you risk your own death to save your loved one?…. THE HILL

-What is the part of human nature that makes us divide into small antagonistic sub-groups, yet brings us back together to fight a common threat? … THE ISLAND

-Why do the homeless exist, who are they, and why can’t we ever generate a political solution to their plight?.... SILICON BEACH.

-What is the Muslim issue in this country and how do we reconcile non-discrimination and fanatical jihadism?..... THE BAY

-What is the slavery issue in Mexico that we all ignore?... CABO

-What happens when journalism devolves into the yellow press, hysteria, and a preference to report drama rather than facts?... THE STRAND

-What happens when Scientists tinker with things they don’t fully understand?... THE LAKE

-How does the Great Pacific Garbage Patch jeopardize our life on this planet? … THE CRUISE

Do you have any upcoming books or projects?

I’m on a book-a-year schedule. A new book, ‘VEGAS’, is in the works with a planned publication date in November of this year.

People who pick up one of my books love them. The books are a fast read and page-turners. My readers report staying up well past their bed-times to finish just one more chapter, reading them on beaches, aboard airplanes, and even turning pages standing in lines and covertly in zoom meetings. The response has been tremendous.


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