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Exclusive Interview With Author "Fish Nealman"

Fish Nealman, a distinguished luminary in data-driven business decisions, is renowned for his insightful expertise, shared through a series of technical books. With a global footprint spanning numerous countries, his profound insights enrich his debut fictional trilogy, seamlessly blending imagination and reality. As a seasoned professional, he has collaborated with organizations worldwide, unlocking the untapped potential of data. Through his masterful storytelling, readers are transported to captivating realms, as his keen observations form the cornerstone of his transcendent tale.

Writer’s Life had the opportunity to connect with Fish, here is what he had to share with us.


Tell us about your journey as a writer.

My journey as a writer has been marked by a diverse array of published works, showcasing my versatility and expertise in various domains. From the realm of technology and enterprise architecture to the world of fiction and romance, I have attempted to create narratives that will have a significant impact.

My technical books, Enterprise Architecture Using the Zachman Framework, Viral Data in SOA: An Enterprise Pandemic, Smarter Data Science: Succeeding with Enterprise-Grade Data and AI Projects and Ecosystems Architecture: New Thinking for Practitioners in the Age of AI, demonstrate my deep understanding of complex systems, data management, and the application of cutting-edge technologies. These works have served as valuable resources for professionals seeking to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of enterprise architecture and data science.

On the other hand, my fictional works, Esteban: Love’s Ordeal, Esteban: Love’s Irony and Esteban: Love’s Triumph, showcase my ability to craft compelling narratives and explore the intricacies of human emotions. These novels have resonated with readers who appreciate well-crafted stories of love and the challenges of being human!

Throughout my writing career, I have demonstrated a commitment to sharing knowledge, inspiring others, and pushing the boundaries of my craft. My journey as a writer has been one of continuous growth, adaptation and the pursuit of excellence in multiple genres. As I continue to write and publish, I hope that my unique voice and perspective will make a lasting impact.

Is this your first step into fiction?

The Esteban book series was my first foray into writing fiction. Although Esteban was conceived and written as a single volume, I decided to divide it into a series while looking for a literary agent.

Where did the story of Esteban come from?

The idea for the story started with some thoughts about the primary protagonist, Esteban. I’ve read comments from other authors who have said that their characters tell them where to go next. I’ve found that to be a truism in my writing. I really enjoy the repetitive experience of discovery in writing without a specific end in mind.

Tell us about your title character.

Esteban is as honest as the day is long and, in many respects, incredibly innocent. He’s hardworking and truthful. He’s not particularly gifted, nor has any extraordinary talents – albeit his ability to learn new languages. He’s certainly not driven by motivation but will seek to do the right thing. He struggles with loneliness and mental illness. Neither he nor any of the other characters in the book are aware of his condition. As a protagonist, he’s, therefore, not particularly special, yet he goes on to accomplish very special things.

What can we expect from Esteban’s journey?

Esteban can be a rollercoaster of emotion. From joy to sadness, from laughing out loud to heartbreak, and from edgy topics to profound introspection, the series takes readers on a captivating journey through a spectrum of human experiences. The narrative fearlessly explores the depths of the protagonist’s psyche, delving into the raw, unfiltered thoughts and feelings that define the human condition. Through Esteban’s triumphs and tribulations, readers are confronted with the complexities of love, loss, loneliness, and struggle while searching for meaning in a world that can be both beautiful and unforgiving. The series serves as a poignant reminder that through embracing the entirety of our experiences, we find the strength to navigate the twists and turns of our own personal journeys and that we can leave a lasting impact.

Why was it important for you to write this work?

During my career in technology, I have been a creative thinker. I wanted to translate that into fiction by creating stories with strong characters and alternative storylines. By creating a narrative that delves into the full range of human emotions and experiences, I aimed to create a story that would resonate with readers on a deep, personal level. I wanted to see if I could foster a sense of connection and understanding between myself and my audience. I also wanted to see if I could challenge social norms without crossing the line and becoming offensive.

What are some of the main messages you want your readers to take away from your writing?

1. Embracing a full spectrum of emotions: Life is filled with a wide range of emotions, from happiness and love to sadness and heartbreak. My writing may encourage readers to accept and embrace the entirety of their emotional experiences, recognizing that each feeling plays a valuable role in shaping personal growth and understanding of ourselves and others.

2. The power of resilience: Through the challenges and obstacles faced by the characters in my series, I highlight the importance of resilience in overcoming adversity. Even in the darkest of times, we have the strength within us to persevere and emerge stronger and wiser.

3. The complexity of the human experience: By delving into edgy topics and the intricacies of human relationships, I aim to showcase the multifaceted nature of the human experience. I would like readers to recognize that life is rarely simple or straightforward, and by navigating life’s complexities, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

4. The importance of authentic self-expression: I would like to encourage readers to embrace their true selves and to express their thoughts, feelings, and experiences authentically.

5. The transformative power of connection: Through the relationships and interactions depicted in my series, I try to highlight the transformative power of the human connection and expose those who are too self-centered.

6. The value of introspection and self-reflection: By exploring the inner worlds of my characters, I would like to encourage readers to engage in their own introspection and self-reflection. My story may inspire others to examine their own thoughts, emotions, and behaviors more deeply, leading to greater self-awareness and personal growth.

If the book was converted to film, who would you like to see play Esteban?

Across the series, Esteban goes from a newborn to being in his mid-sixties. Therefore, several actors would be necessary. Esteban is also half-American and half-Mexican. But for the adult Esteban, Jay Hernandez might make a good choice.

What are you working on now?

I am working on a semi-dystopian story involving artificial intelligence. The working title is Posthumous.

A book called The Flat Tire will be released in Q4 2024. It is an introspective look at being “created equal.”

Where can people get more info about you and your writing?


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