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Exclusive Interview with Author J.M.Pozon

Author J.M.Pozon is an American poet and novelist. She is best known for her steamy romance series Setting fire to the Darkness. But, it is her well sought after poetry books that thrust into the media spotlight. Winning the “2020 I am black literary excellence award for her poem (Hidden Gems) from her women’s empowerment book titled Star Dust. Other notable works from author include Whiskey for the Wounded & Passion Fruit.

We, got a chance to sit down with the very talented Author J. M. Pozon (Jovahna Marie) and ask her a few questions. Check out the interview below.

1. So, Jovahna What sparked your initial love for poetry?

I think the first poem I had ever come across, that really resonated with me was actually a quote from a Shakespearean play I read in in high school. Julius Caesar, act 4, when Brutus is talking Cassius and references “The tide of men” until, this day this quote simply resonates with me. I am also very fond of authors like Robert frost and Oscar wilde and many philosophers Aristotle, Plato. All of whom inspired me to fall in love in love with words.

2. What is self-enlightenment according to you?

I believe Self-enlightenment speaks to the ability to rid yourself of what you are not, in order to achieve what you were truly meant to be. This requires you to find truth both inside and outside of yourself.

3. Is it somehow related closely to self-love and acceptance?

Definitely, you must know who you are and accept that before you can fully begin the process of loving yourself.

4. Will your poems explore these topics?

Yes, many of the poems in my book “Star Dust” discuss and challenge my readers to engage in the honest introspection of self.

5. What is spiritual awakening?

The realization and operation at your highest self, a state where you connected to your infinite source and are fully conscious of yourself, your thoughts and those of others.


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