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Exclusive Interview with Author Steve Daily

Author Steve Daily has written a psychobiography called “Ellen G. White.” The book

goes deep into the Adventist Church and Ellen White’s history, who is seen by many in

the church as a prophet. Daily, having left the seventh day Adventist church ten years

ago concluded through his own studies and research that the prophet/founder of the

church was not at all that she appeared to be.

Steve Daily has written twenty-seven books, including many academic works. He has a

background as an Adventist historian with a Ph.D. in psychology and has been

practicing for twenty-eight years. His experience both in the church and as a

psychologist, made him the perfect candidate, if not the only person qualified, to write

such a definitive book. Read his exclusive interview below.


Can you tell us a bit about your background?

I was an SDA pastor for 35 years, a University chaplain, campus pastor, and faculty

member teaching in the fields of religion, history and psychology for 20 years, and have

been a licensed psychologist in the state of CA for the last 28 years. I have written 27

books, including academic works such as theses and doctoral dissertations, that have all

contributed in some way to this present book. I have a great wife and family, 3 kids and

6 grandkids. I left Seventh-day Adventism 10 years ago, but have no animosity towards

the church, I was blessed by my years in Adventism in many ways, but ultimately came

to the conclusion through my work that their prophet/founder was a fraud who was

responsible for causing a great deal of pain, and grossly misrepresenting God, and that

the movement has never come to terms with this, and indeed repeats many of her

patterns. When all the historical evidence is considered I believe Ellen White was the

greatest female con artist of all time and may well have been the most effective con artist


What was the impetus for writing your book " Ellen G. White: A Psychobiography?"

I feel I am the only person who could write this book, because I am a highly trained

Adventist historian who has been given access to the source documents necessary to

write this work, and am also a licensed psychologist which gives me the training and

education to analyze and evaluate the highly documented historical material the book

contains. I also have a strong interest in psychobiography and no psychobiography has

been written on Ellen White - a person I find to be the most fascinating

psychobiography I have encountered..

Can you give us a brief overview of what the book covers?

It covers Ellen White's life experience that most reveals her conflicts, fears, challenges

and accomplishments in the context of the major psychopathology she managed over

her lifetime - including plagiarism, fraud, delusion, dishonesty and severe mistreatment

of those who attempted to expose her pathology. It also reveals how the pathology of

the founder impacted the movement that she founded.

What were the key challenges you faced when writing this book?

Compiling and choosing the most appropriate material to include in the book, while

holding down a full-time job during 3 of the 31/2 years I spent writing the book.

What most surprised you?

I thought I knew nearly everything there was to know about Ellen White, which I had

written about in several of the books that preceded this one, but shortly before I started

writing this book I was very surprised to find that the White Estate had hidden and

withheld from researchers some of the most self-incriminating and damning things

Ellen ever wrote. Once I was able to gain access to these materials, I knew I had to write

another book.

Why was this book important for you to write?

It has tremendous implications for Ellen White studies, the history and current meaning

of Seventh-day Adventism, the psychology of religion, comparative religions, studies on

healthy and unhealthy religion and spirituality, the nature of religious abuse, and makes

a significant contribution to the field of psychobiography.

What do you hope readers take away from reading your book?

A much greater understanding of who Ellen White was and where SDAs came from and

who they are today, along with the points covered in the previous question.

How do you think Adventists will react to this book?

Adventism is a very pluralistic community today, there will be a wide range of response

and reaction ranging from absolute fury and condemnation to academics who want to

engage in dialogue over the book.

Do you have any other projects or upcoming books in the works you would

like to tell us about?

I am just starting to work with a co-author on a book entitled, Harnessing God: The

Nature of Religious Abuse. And I am working on a book entitled, The 10 Greatest Con

Artists of All Time (10 Psychobiographies).

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