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Exclusive Interview With Michele Bell

Michele Bell didn’t know she was an author until a life experience took her on a journey of self-discovery that led to a powerful new purpose. 

She is a mother first, one who understands her son’s short life for the gift that it was. His illness and subsequent passing, her perception of these events and their greater meaning, left her with a voice she can’t ignore, and Michele knows her journey now is to bring that voice to the world. Sharing time as a Death Doula with hospice patients and thriving towards a Zen-Tuary home for young adults.

She’s a Ph.D who’s held both traditional and not-so traditional career roles before acknowledging her true calling. She’s had success as a real estate broker, in between, she expertly navigated the stress-filled atmosphere of a single mother solely raising her children in a small affluent community in Westchester County, NY. Michele is the hero of her family. She says, “being a mother is my greatest accomplishment.” Through her amazing work ethic, perseverance, and grit, Michele molds her success around her experience with motherhood. She has a gift for reaching people with her core and gaining their trust with her raw exuberance of a life lived truthfully. 

Michele believes her son Nicky had a purpose too, and left it for her to fulfill.

Today, she is at peace with the cards dealt, and energized by the opportunities in front of her to celebrate an inspirational young life, to keep his purpose alive through her own works, and to help other grieving parents and young adults walk along their own journey from a place of calm and acceptance, understanding, and yes… even healing.

Exclusive Interview 

Your books handle some really tough topics, such as losing your son Nick to Ewing's sarcoma. Did you always want to be a writer?

I started journaling at a very young age. I started aggressively writing letters to heaven shortly after Nicky transitioned. It was my way of channeling with Nick my innermost emotions putting pen to paper. Sharing stories heal and the healing begins within. This is why I created The 7 Stages of Grief Alignment as an outlet to be present in the grief journey. Choosing to start living with intent after a loved one transitioned is one way we teach ourselves to honor them. 

"Because looking inward and telling it like it is, is how I carved my own path.”

To what extent did losing Nick influence your decision to become an author?

It took eleven years to complete A Journey Of Unconditional Love. I had no intention to become an author. As the years went by, I would revisit my writings. I started reading the writings as a third person. While it is not easy when it's your own story, each passing birthday, holiday, and heavenly birthday I was inspired to keep sharing my innermost thoughts as a grieving mother. "Because our life together is worth every stolen moment." I would meditate how I would see the story layout in chapters, not what I would write, but the story overall shared in truth. Next, my screenplay was brought on through many shower visions, because that is my favorite space to visualize. Cleansing to create rejuvenates my naked soul. I seriously have a whole routine, I ask myself "how can I live a more fulfilling life" during a shower meditation. I found even more time to create when I began my eight year caregiver journey with my mother who recently passed away during CoVid in our family home. The inspiration to publish our duo-ology series, screenplay "A Son's Gift", and release of a song I wrote for the movie when our story is shared on screen.

For those unaware of Ewing’s Sarcoma, tell us a bit about the illness.

I am not a medical clinician, but my five year experience and knowledge in the health care system is extensive. Using this experience as leverage to care for my mother for eight years was brutal. That is a whole other book! Ewings Sarcoma is a bone cancer that can be brought on by an injury. My son was kicked in the fibula at a basketball game and during his summer visitation with his father the tumor grew into the size of a grapefruit. When he returned home to start high school I was not aware of his bump until his father suggested I take him to the doctors when he comes back home. Well it was too late, the tumors had spread to both lungs. The doctor gave us less than three years, but with our commitment to live life and fight together, we got five years. The power of positivity, faith, and prayer is how we managed daily.

Tell us a bit about your son Nick. What was he like?

You mean what is he like? His spirit lives on through me, the story of the the night he transitioned will shake you, in fact each chapter will promise to empower your inner voice to start a revolution to speak loudly on GRIEF.

You’re also a Death Doula, correct?

Yes. I am a highly gifted intuitive empath. In 1998, I transitioned my grandmother to the other side. I consulted with Sylvia Brown, I was confused as to what was happening. Slyvia shared lots of goodies, but this goodie stuck out, “you my dear, will change people’s lives one day.” Two decades later, I am here to share the stories of death and dying. Death is a topic that most people prefer to avoid in every day conversation. It’s a daily centerpiece in my life, a stigma that I’m working hard to remove. Tucking death into a closet that’s not meant to be opened is not an option for me. I believe that life is precious right up to

the very last breath, and those whose lives are ending need compassion, emotional support, and spiritual guidance. As a highly intuitive gifted empath, I work with individuals in a very personal, unique, and spiritual manner. Transitioning through an ebb and flow essence from pain to peace. This is the true gift of a death Doula, something that can’t be taught with a

certification or formal training. My gifts are authentic. I absolutely embrace death and dying from a place of unconditional love. This by far is a deep connection that is essential during an end-of-life transition.

Is there any advice you can give to parents who are going through the loss of a child?

Honor each day you exist without their presence with an intent to celebrate their life.

What is the one thing Nick’s transition has taught you about life?

From an excerpt in our screenplay. "You're here to use your gift. To bring love and hope. Be the conduit helping others find their inner thread. Pivot their life with your spirit. I spend time with young adults on private wellness retreats who are fighting darkness, suicide, and depression, this is my son channeling through me. “We Got This Ma…"

What do you hope your readers will gain from reading your book?

I've experienced grief and trauma as a young child all the way into my adult years. My hope is to have my readers find the barriers within and become more aware of their soul purpose.

If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring author with hopes of writing a book about their personal hardship, what would it be?

Share the story from the depths of your soul. You cannot 'teach' people how to grieve, it is all very personal. But we can share the story that will allow so many to start talking about their loved one. Because in our hearts they will forever exist. "As long as we breath, we will speak their name."

What can we expect from you in the near future?

More chapters...more stories...more screenplays..and more success,...we have won

three awards in the last month and six nominations.

How can readers connect with you online? 

Instagram at michele.cynthia.bell Twitter TheGriefWarrior Facebook The GriefWarrior

Where can your books be purchased?

On December 29th, 2020, Whitebird Publications will launch on Amazon. Pre-order books on my website TheGriefWarrior at


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