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Exclusive Interview with Tina Sloan

Tina Sloan spent 26 years playing nurse Lillian Raines on the daytime drama,Guiding Light. And, in addition to her soap opera credentials, Tina has demonstrated her formidable acting skills by taking numerous additional roles on both the small and big screens. This multi-talented woman first authored, 'Changing Shoes: Getting Older – Not Old – with Style, Humor and Grace'. However, Tina is joining us for this interview to discuss her latest creative endeavor. It’s called Chasing Cleopatra and we know you will love this one as much as we do!

If you had the opportunity to live anywhere in the world for a year while writing a book that took place in that same setting, where would you choose?

  • The new series I am writing takes place in 3 venues. St. Moritz, Paris and Honolulu. I would be happy writing in all 3 especially during Covid times when we can't write in any location other than our homes!

What is your favorite time to write, and why?

  • It is now 4 am and I am writing. But I have no set time that I write. Rather I write whenever I want to. I plan to write tomorrow morning and maybe afternoon but perhaps not at all the following day. I just do it when the story seems to want to come out of me.

What has influenced you the most as a writer?

  • I am most influenced by books I love and by imagination as I live my life. I make up stories as I walk around the block or as I make the bed or decorate the Xmas tree. Poetry, paintings, conversations, excerpts I read and architecture influence me. 'THE MAGUS' by John Fowles and Alain Fourniers and 'LE GRAND MEAULNES' were books I loved. Even childhood books like 'THE SECRET GARDEN', 'LITTLE WOMEN', 'ANNE OF GREEN GABLES' and classics (especially Russian classics) have influenced me.

What behind-the-scenes tidbit in your life would probably surprise your readers the most?

  • I would suppose that it is my climbing in Nepal and Africa to 20,000 foot peaks and my Marathons around the world. It might also be that I spent 35 years as a soap opera actress and did films with Ben Affleck, Woody Allen and Al Pacino. Great moments for me!

What is your favorite genre to read, and why?

  • My favorite genre is literary fiction with a dose of biographies. I do love good, clever mysteries as well.

How do you come up with names for your characters?

  • In my books I use names of people I meet or know. Sometimes I'll even pick a name that sounds strong, weak or fabulous depending on the character I am giving the name to.

Would you and your main character get along? If you could meet your characters, what would you say to them?

  • Cleopatra and I would love one another I think. Or at least I would love her. I do think she would like me though, since I love what she loves - the places she lives, the romances she has, the trips she has taken and the job that she had.

  • IF I met my main characters - what a fun concept! The idea of walking into a dinner party and there is Cleo ,Jimbo, Miranda, Tripp, Jake, Julia, Ricky and Matt! OH I WOULD LOVE THAT! I think we would have amazing things to say to one another and I am sure it would be absolutely my favorite conversation ever.

Chasing Cleopatra has received amazing feedback, why do you think the book has been so successful?

  • I think 'CHASING CLEOPATRA' has been successful since it really is a page turner. It also has a lot of research in it which men have loved (black ops and deep undercover work) with some passion and romance, which women love. Most of all the SURPRISES and betrayals stun people and they seem to like being surprised. I am always happy when I don't see something coming in a book or movie.

A Chasing Cleopatra series would be wonderful. If you're currently working on this, are there any details you can share? If you aren't, why have you decided 1 book is best?

  • I am working on more than one sequel now as Cleo and the Regan family can go in so many directions. It is such fun to run off in one direction and then go in another and have both stories work. Obviously I add in new villains and delve deeper into the characters in the new book(s).


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