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How To “Moe Rock” Your Life - An Exclusive Interview

Today we have the pleasure of interviewing a multi-versed and modern day renaissance man. Moe Rock is the author of the new best-selling book “Lead by Example” which is described as a book to help individuals lead both their lives and their businesses. He is also an Investor, Acclaimed Producer, Runs a Business Strategy Agency and is Publisher of The Los Angeles Tribune.

His latest book is centered around the subject of leadership. He proclaims that before anyone can ever lead in business first and foremost they must lead in life. Consequently, this month he is sharing the stage with the likes of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” co-author Sharon Lechter at a Leadership Summit talking about this very subject matter. Whether it be on stage at an event or in his books the concepts, principles and tools are always clear and consistent. Today we will go over these principles in our interview with the sometimes enigmatic Moe Rock.

Thank you for joining us. What is the “why” of the new book?

Thank you for having me. I appreciate the opportunity to be in Writers Life magazine. The “Why” factor is pretty straightforward: The world needs a new kind of leadership. Right now as this interview is being conducted we are in the middle of a global pandemic that has led to chaos, inconsistencies from our leadership and a lack of confidence in the system. If this year has proven anything it has proven that the way we have been doing it is simply not working. What I assert is a new kind of leader that will not repeat the same mistakes of the past but an elevated kind of leadership.

How will this new kind of leader be born across the world?

Leaders must “Lead by Example” no pun intended. The only way for this new kind of leader and this new way of thinking to spread around the world is if each person makes it their own absolute responsibility to lead. True leaders will always breed more leaders.

Your book is published in a very crowded space which is the personal development genre, this industry has changed a lot recently. What are your thoughts on the personal development/self help industry and the future of it?

I think the changes are great. Like many other industries that rely on reaching the masses the tools have completely changed. The late night infomercials have now turned into instagram videos. The big seminars (at least for now) have turned into virtual events. These changes are good and should be embraced, not embracing change is a sure-proof way to become a dinosaur. And we remember what happened to them.

What are the lessons a leader can learn from this challenging year?

If this experience did not prove that we must begin thinking as a global community then I'm not sure what it would take. This is an opportunity for a wake-up call for us as a species to change our thinking into an elevated consciousness. We are very much a work in progress and I believe looking back this year will serve as a catalyst for positive change.

What can you say to an aspiring author or entrepreneur about what they can do to go to the “next level” ?

Don’t get caught up in being just a thinker. There are alot of smart people who get caught up in their thoughts and spend more time thinking than doing. Thoughts are only as powerful as the action you take.

Thank you for your time, Where can people find you ?

I can be found on instagram, twitter or my official website. Thank you. It was a pleasure.

In Lead by Example® Moe Rock has provided a few of the most profound, powerful and effective ways for you to begin taking action to lead today.

The world needs a new kind of leader, one that is fit for today's world that is moving at a mach-ten speed.

Are you that leader?

Leaders lead by example and do not preach without practicing, today in the world that is ever changing and moving at a mach ten speed the world needs more authentic leaders than ever before.

Leaders that are authentic practice integrity and do so proudly not for praise but for the sake of being principled.

Moe Rock will encourage you to take these principles to heart and practice them to lead by example.

Lead your life, lead your business

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