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Interview with Author & Cosmotologist Rose Bonner.

Goodbye, bad hair days! Rose Bonner's book Unlock the Secrets for Relaxers, Perms, and Colors teaches how to create a healthy head of hair by addressing the causes of dry, damaged hair. Shiny, healthy hair is possible for everyone!

Through many years of research, Rose learned key factors that are important in maintaining a healthy head of hair. She is a hair expert who loves cosmetology. In the salon Rose was a sought-after cosmetologist who enjoyed using color. She corrected hair problems by reducing damage and restoring hair to its shiny healthy state. Many people don’t know what is causing their hair to break. In her book she tells the different types of breakage and how to stop it from happening. She has dedicated a lot of years to learn what products work and which ingredients are best for dry, damaged hair by pick winning products that save consumers money and time when it comes to their hair. Now, she wants to share her experience to help others who are facing similar struggles. It is like going to the salon. All your answers to shiny hair in one place. Rose has corrected enough hair problems, so you don’t have to have one. Get help with the insider's secrets in this book and achieve gorgeous results at home.


What was your impetus for writing Unlock The Secrets for Relaxers, Perms, and


When I was younger, I could not get a stylist to fix my hair the way I wanted. So, I went to cosmetology school to learn how to take care of my hair. I would go to supply stores and see women asking questions to clerks who did not have the answers. As a stylist, people would always ask me questions about their hair when I was not in the salon. I noticed people don’t know some basic steps and practices that are common in the salon but unknown to consumers. When you google or tiktok information, the information may not be complete nor answer all your questions. I wrote a book to help a person maintain healthy hair without spending all their money and time.

Give us a brief overview of your background.

I grew up experimenting with my hair. I would make mistakes that would take a long time to correct. So, I began researching and learning about ingredients of products and what they do. I created surveys to ask consumers what they want out of hair care products and what were their expectations. Similar questions were consistently being asked by consumers: (How do I stop my hair from breaking? Can I use a relaxer without damage? People can’t create a salon body wave at home). I worked for JC Penny salon as a cosmetologist. When I left the salon, I wanted to make a guide of things people don’t know about hair.

Can you describe your book in a few words?

My book has all the information needed to correct dry damaged hair. Hair is so common people feel it should be natural for them to know about hair. Hair is not complex our environments are full of variations i.e., weather, urban/rural, humidity, seasons just to say a few. There are tools, tricks and techniques that stylists acquire over a period of time to become experts in their craft. To learn from start to finish on keeping hair healthy a person must take into account a few factors like lifestyle, choice and goals. You don’t have to get more resources once you read this book. It provides one stop shopping to help with hair. Hair is hair, learning how to keep and grow shiny hair is simple and easy when you know what to do.

Who do you think this book will most appeal to?

For anyone wanting to fix a hair problem caused from damage. A person who wants to learn how an expert stylist can get great results when relaxing, doing a body wave or changing hair color. A young stylist who has not worked in a salon for long. People who like to play with their hair. A person who wants to learn how to care for their hair.

What was the hardest part about writing the book?

The biggest challenge was to make sure I had small details which can make a huge difference when caring for chemically treated hair. Coming up with a title.

What do you hope readers take away?

That they can solve hair care problems at home with great success using practice and care. They don’t have to spend a long time nor a lot of money to have beautiful hair.

Do you have any other projects coming up?

Not currently.

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