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Interview with Author Eric Sande

"King Of Miami" is the debut novel of author Eric Sande. ‌It was when he learned that his uncle was a drug dealer that he became fascinated with Ray Thompson. ‌His‌ ‌family‌ ‌tried‌ ‌to‌ ‌shelter‌ ‌Eric, but the more they sheltered him, the more curious he became. ‌King Of Miami ‌explores the stories of Florida's largest drug dealer, Ray Thompson. ‌‌An examination of Ray's power, wealth, and control during South Florida's drug boom is presented in the novel. And Eric talks about witnessing it all. The book is a thrill ride for all those who enjoy suspense and sitting on the edge of your their seats.

Eric Sande is local to Miami Florida and has a background in drywall and now is the owner of a very successful drywall company in central Florida. Now he turning his sites to being an author and telling his stories through writing. Sande

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How would you describe your new book, “The King Of Miami?”

The most intense individual in my lifetime. After all at just 13, I happened to be in my neighbors house waiting for my friend to get home from baseball practice, there was a break in the show

announcing the endictments of 13 people. Lil Ray was the one they wanted most. Saying he ran one of the largest smuggling operations in south Florida history. Seeing all the men then

noticing Robert Stephens, whom I’ve known my entire life. Was devastating to me. Like my childhood ido’ls life was over. He could even get the death penalty. Or most likely never see daylight again. I was crushed!! I thought writing a book about Robert would be amazing,,, untill I did my homework and became obsessed with the story, and realized, Lil Ray needed to be the main character! The story has made me cry, and laugh very loudly as well. Mega amounts of money, mega amounts of everything! The highest of highs, and the lowest of the lows, anyone could possibly endure.

What was your impetus for writing the book?

The more I researched the story, the more it fascinated me. I just can’t imagine other people who wouldn’t be fascinated by the story of Lil Ray.

Who do you think will enjoy reading this book?

I think everyone will enjoy this book? With the exception of toddlers, due to the “F”mbomb factor!! Probably shouldnt be read to infants.

What would you like to readers to take away from reading the book?

A more personal look into the daily life of a man who lived the life of the real Scarface, not Tony Montana, a fictitious (fake) character. To see the experiences of tragedy, and fortunes!!

Why was it important for you to get the story out there?

In the beginning the story totally amazed me, and I felt very motivated about writing it. After becoming best friends with Lil Ray. In a very very low point of my life basically sleeping in my van with no other friends I honestly believe Ray was in the same boat as me, and I really couldnt help but feel sorry for him. So I’ve made it a mission to tell his story to the world. And I hope people enjoy the story as much as I have. And continue to.

What is the significance of the title?

When I was a kid, Lil Ray seemed like a King, or a God. Someone with so much power we thought he was above the law. I thought of him as the King of Miami. If you mess with him, he could snap his finger and make you disappear almost immediately! If you could leave our readers with one message-what would it be? I would love for people to read the book, and see if it was as amazing to them, as it was to me. There’s millions of books, and movies you’ll see, or read. However, theres only a few that really stick out in your memory!!!!!! This story is one you will never forget!!

What are you working on now?

Nothing at the moment. However, I do see another project (book)

in the future.

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