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Introducing Change1Only RBA: A Voice of Resilience and Transformation

In a world where music has the power to heal and inspire, emerging artist Change1Only RBA stands out as a remarkable talent. Through his soul-stirring melodies and introspective lyrics, he not only showcases his exceptional musical abilities but also delves deep into the themes of generational trauma and personal growth. In an exclusive interview, Change1Only RBA opens up about his personal journey, the inspiration behind his music, and the transformative power of breaking free from the chains of the past. Join us as we dive into the world of Change1Only RBA, a beacon of light and an artist who is changing the narrative through his powerful music.


1. Can you tell us more about your new song "Unlock New Level" and the inspiration behind it? 

 My new song, "Unlock New Level," is an eye-opening and soul-healing track where I share my personal testimony and the challenges I overcame in breaking generational curses and dysfunctional family dynamics. 

 2. How did your family background and experiences growing up influence your music and the themes you explore in your songs? 

Growing up in a chaotic and dysfunctional family influenced my music and the themes I explore in my songs. It inspired me to take my music career further as a beacon of change and positivity. 

 3. Can you share some of the challenges you faced during your journey to pursue your music career and how you overcame them? 

The encouragement to take my music seriously comes from the joy I feel when I sing. I want to spread joy and positivity to the world. Despite facing challenges and being put down by the people I loved, including my covert narcissistic mother, I took a leap of faith in myself and became successful in pursuing my dreams.  

4. What role does spirituality play in your life and how has it impacted your music? 

Spirituality plays a significant role in my life and keeps me mentally prepared on my journey. It helps me battle the forces of evil and reminds me to be cautious about who I give my heart to. I pour my heart and soul into my music. 

 5. How do you hope your music will resonate with listeners and what message do you want to convey through your songs? 

My music aims to bring about change, courage, and self-belief. I want to inspire others not to be victims of their circumstances or environment. By changing the dynamics they are in and focusing on themselves, they can become the best version of themselves. 

 6. Could you talk about the process of creating your new song and how it reflects your personal growth and journey? 

The process of creating this single involved manifesting a peaceful life and vision in my mind. I drew from my past trials and expressed gratitude for surviving them. All of these elements came together to create a peaceful and healing song. 

 7. Can you share any specific instances or moments that inspired you to become a musician and pursue your vision? 

The joy and happiness I feel when I engage with music inspired me to take it seriously. I want my audience to experience the same joy and freedom. In a world consumed by low vibrations, I aim to bring positivity and upliftment. 

 8. How do you navigate the balance between staying true to your authentic self and meeting the expectations of the music industry? 

Staying true to oneself and doing what's best for oneself is essential. It's important to stay in your own lane and remember that success is a marathon, not a race. 

 9. In what ways do you hope your music will contribute to breaking generational curses and promoting healing and positivity? 

My testimony and experiences inspire me to make a change and show that no matter what one goes through, it builds character and resilience. The more pain one endures, the more inner strength and warrior spirit they possess. 

 10. What are your future goals and aspirations as an artist, both in terms of your music and the impact you want to make on the world? 

 My goal and aspiration are to be a beacon of light and leave behind a lasting legacy. I want to change the dynamics of generations and show that as long as there is a source of light, there is always hope, regardless of the amount of evil in the world.

Instagram@ Uriahglasfordsmith


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