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February 24, 2017

Koffi Hallman is originally from Camden New Jersey. He is a former US Marine who served his country in Afghanistan during Desert Shield/Storm in 1990 for full a full tour after returning to college He pledged the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity INC Sigma Sigma chapter in 1992 and graduated from both Grambling State University 1995 and Texas College 1997. He raises Champion Pugs in his spare time and now resides in Southern California Where he is the CEO of 492 Champion Kennels who is considered the "Mercedes Benz" of Pugs. He has been writing since the tender age of nine and makes a living as an Environmental Engineering Consultant

He is Now The CEO of 492 Publishing House Inc and has Re released Death Of A Thug under his own publishing company and has won the 2017 Walter Mosely Award African American Fiction. He has appeared on ABC NBC CBS AND FOX. AS WELL AS A DOZEN radio shows,Author Blogs and has done several TV Appearances. his follow up's to award winning Death Of A Thug include Body Count from the 6 Degrees Of Hustle Series. and Tales of Max BLAKK. Deadly Suspicions.

He has has a series of books in development called the "suspicion series" where each book will have the word suspicion somewhere in the title the 1st is "Deadly Suspicions" and also a segment where he will showcase new Authors with unrelated intertwined stories that take place in same fictional set of towns called "8 Million Stories" 492 Publishing House Inc "Putting Authors First" 





1-Tell our readers a little about yourself and your work.


I'm originally from Camden New Jersey. I’m a former US Marine who served my country from 88-96, doing a tour in Desert Shield /Storm. I moved to New Orleans, Louisiana and was ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. I later relocated to California where I wrote a novel for a publishing company, making history as the first author to ever sell out a three day book release. However, when the publishing company refused to further fund my project, I started my own publishing company in hopes of filling a niche no one else has. My company 492 Publishing House Inc offers all inclusive packages for aspiring authors, including editing services as well as entrance into writing contest, and access to radio and Skype interviews. 



2-What inspired you to write ‘Death of a Thug’?



‘Death of a Thug’ is a real story about people I was close to who had a very interesting stories that I felt the world needed to hear 


3-Some authors are extremely explicit in their novels, whether it be sex, violence and/or language. Is there a limit to how far you will go or what you will put in your novels?


I won't say a limit because I go as far as the story goes and take that wherever it takes me. 


4- Did growing up in Camden, New Jersey influence your writing style? If so, how?


Yes and no. Camden is a city that the list of folks that make it from there is too few and none so it prepared me for things later in life I would experience. As for my style it definitely made me give it to my readers raw!


5-What author(s) would you most like to collaborate with?


I'm really not the collaboration type because I believe I have the talent to write with anyone. However, if I could hook up with Shonda Rhimes, Walter Mosely or Tyler Perry, it would be an honor to write with or for them. But I'm really a self contained unit so don't expect any collaborations in near feature unless someone makes me an offer I can't refuse


6-Tell our readers why they should pick up your book. 


Currently Death Of A Thug has won two literary awards; one being the Walter Mosely Award for African-American Fiction. If you would like to read a realistic compelling story that is hard to put down because it's so action packed and unpredictable, then you want to read “Death of a Thug.” 


7-What’s next for 'Koffi Hallman’?


Up next I have a series called 6 Degrees Of Hustle Series which is eleven books total. The first ten unrelated stories contain intertwining characters that each reveal a piece of a puzzle that the eleventh book explains and ties all together. I also have a relationship book due out summer '2017 called the Realist Guide To Being Real.  But the next book to official release will be titled, Body Count which is a title from my 6 Degrees Of Hustle Series. 


8. Where can readers find your book?


You can find Death Of A Thug on Amazon or at



Twitter @492publishing





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