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"Lepang Ferguson" is Crowned 4 Success

Lepang Ferguson is an entrepreneur and owner of Lepang Ferguson International, founded in 2009. She is the author of Wildflower Season (2020) and has been in the communications industry for 15 years. LFI is Communications and Media company now also a Publishing company. Lepang was appointed International Student Ambassador for Canberra while in Australia by 2 Premiers of the Australian Capital Territory.

She has interned for UNDP as a Research intern under the Chief Economist if the United Nations. Lepang worked across the communications spectrum in South Africa and Botswana in Event Management, Strategy and Media Production.

She has worked with clients in Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, UK and USA. She is Mandela Washington Fellow 2015 and award winner of JCI Young Outstanding Person of the Year 2012, St Louis Top 40, JCI Creative Entrepreneur of the Year 2010.

She was the Ceremonies & Protocol Manager for the African Youth Games 2014. She is the founder of the First Ladies Exchange, a strategy development initiative for First Ladies, in which she co-created the 100 Women Scholarship Fund and WE Women Initiative with the First Lady of Zimbabwe, Hon. Auxillia Mngangwa. Lepang is a speaker and has spoken on countless local, national and international platforms.

Fidelia Bishop had left the assignment unfinished, although she played her part unreservedly by starting a movement that changed thousands of lives during her time. Only one person could fulfil the remainder of the assignment, her great-granddaughter, Selma. Selma had enjoyed every privilege that Fidelia had left her, except for the weight of her legacy and the gift she carried. Her awakening happened when her discovery collided with everything she was familiar with, opening her eyes to the reality that she was standing at the centre of a crossroad that would change her life forever. Living in Charlotte had never held any significant value until she awakened to its relevance as the crossover for a great change that needed to take place and the seeds that Fidelia had planted in the South through her victories with the Wildflower movement, a legacy Selma needed to learn to carry.

Wildflower Season is a compelling story about destiny, divine connections, courage and awakening that is truly engrossed in a marvellous tale that the author expresses throughout the book.

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