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Meet "Anastasia McIntosh" Author of - Chase The Girl

Anastasia McIntosh is a driven and motivated young individual who has been inspired by many people. Her inspiration started in 2012, as did many things, and hasn't shut off since.

Anastasia is involved in physical extra-curricular activities such as volleyball, badminton and snowboarding. She also loves to read and write. Moreover, Anastasia has volunteered with community public libraries to teach children how to read.

Anastasia holds a Diploma in Police Foundations and a Bachelor of Community and Criminal Justice with Distinction.

Anastasia hopes to engage, motivate, inspire and teach her readers as they read through her first ‘mature audience' book.


'My blood had splattered all over the hallway walls like a Picasso painting.'

Twenty-year-old Alexia-brilliant, wealthy, yet troubled-wakes up on the floor of her grand home to find herself alone, broken and embedded with a knife. Through the pain, she can't remember who she is or how she ended up stabbed and bloody. Waking up in the hospital, she is simultaneously comforted by Matt, the man she has loved when she was sixteen, and tortured by the vision of a man holding a knife. She soon realises that only she is able to see this man. Who is this dark figure? Why is he trying to kill her?

In this erotic and compelling tale, Alexia must understand the difference between the real world and her world of disturbing hallucinations and visions. Can deep passion, sex and therapy possibly help her to overcome the wild swings that rock her world and realise the truth?


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