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Meet Author Bob Yari

In his philosophical treatise, The Human Condition, author Bob Yari offers a pathway to fulfillment and happiness -- based on a balanced lifestyle, a positive attitude, and gratitude for the world's abundance.

Tell us about your journey to writing your book, The Human Condition: A Pathway to Peace And Fulfillment.

My life experience to date has gotten me to develop a defined “philosophy” of living. It has enabled me to be a more content and happier person on a regular basis even when faced with diversity, loss, and anxiety – which we all experience at one time or another. After refining this way of thinking over many, many years and seeing how it has made my life better and more enjoyable, I just wanted to share it with as many people as I could.

You were born in Iran but grew up in the U.S. You have experienced two very different cultures, both rich and poor, how has this shaped and influenced you as a person?

As a young child, I was sent to Iran after having lived in the US for eight years. I lived in underprivileged circumstances there. But I interacted with children and people living way below the poverty levels of western cultures. I grew up watching and analyzing people from both regions and seeing how the circumstances of their socio-economic status affected their happiness. All economic tiers experience various levels of joy and sadness. But definite patterns started emerging and this affected my perception of life. I was better able to see what elements caused people to be relatively happier and more content. This ultimately allowed me to build this “philosophy” that I want to share.

How would you describe your book?

It is a self-help and self-realization book. It is meant to make people think and experiment with some of the concepts discussed in the book to see if they get the same results I’ve experienced along with many of the people I’ve shared my philosophy with in the past.

One of the primary goals with The Human Condition is to find the path to peace, what kind of insight do you offer to achieve this?

There are many components discussed in detail in the book, but they all lead to a very foundational insight into ourselves. And that is the fact that we can actively change our own perceptions and attitude. With effort, we can change how we see events and how we react to them, all with the goal of experiencing a more enjoyable life.

"Peace and Fulfillment" can mean different things to different people, what do they mean to you?

In a word, continuous happiness. As a rule, most of us go through life with a base level of happiness. We are normally “neutral” and then we experience happiness, sadness and other various emotions as a response to various stimuli. But what if we could increase our base level to something more tilted towards happiness? So we feel normally happy and content on a daily basis. That is my definition.

What books have influenced you?

I have not researched nor read many books on this subject. I’ve relied only on my life experience, my thoughts on the subject, and many, many conversations with various normal people on the subject.

What would you like readers to take away from reading your book?

I just hope that at least some readers will develop skills and insight to lead a happier existence.

What can we expect from you next?

I have a second book coming out shortly called On Creation and the Origins of Life. An exploration of Intelligent Design. It is a very different subject matter!


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