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No Subject Is Off Limits For Author & Comedian Erik Lewin

As a former criminal law defense attorney in New York City and Los Angeles, Erik Lewin has seen a lot of stuff! And maybe it is because of that his transition into the titles of Author and Comedian came so easy, and with much success.

From fiction to nonfiction to topics such as humor, grief, poetry, self-help and more, Erik has tackled numerous topics and garnered an audience everywhere he goes. He spoke to us about his books and what’s to come in the near future.

1. Tell us about all of your many books? This Is How I Spell Grief: A Guide to Healing From Loss & Finding Fulfillment takes a counter-intuitive approach to self-help; there are no eight simple exercises to get over it. Instead, you gradually learn to address grief on your own terms, to make true and lasting peace with your loss. When my grief was fresh, I couldn't find the honest, real voice I needed on the shelves, so I wrote my own. It primarily addresses the dual loss of my mother and father, one sudden, the other a protracted illness, but it is meant to help those suffering the loss of any loved one. My goal was to provide warmth and hopefully some insight to those in pain, and to let them feel that they are far from alone. Son of Influence is a coming-of-age novel that deals with finding one's own path in life. A young man goes to law school at the behest of his underworld connected father to join the family business, though the protagonist is not exactly on board, and hijinx ensue! In fact, Kirkus Reviews called it "a profound, heartfelt story, even when hilarity ensues." It touches on themes of love, family, relationships, career, life and death, all during that life-defining time period of the 20s, when we're all trying to figure things out. None of Your F*cking Business: 20 True Stories For My Amusement is a collection of humorous personal essays that were published in numerous journals and magazines. In the words of one reviewer: Erik magically transforms the awkwardness of each interaction into a sweet understanding of all that he holds dear. Reading these stories will make you want to call your own parents and get a beer with old friends. Animal Endurance: 100 Poems To Keep You Company These poems are warm little bites of everyday life, a friendly companion through the everyday wilderness. There's something for almost anyone, from grief and confusion, to love and joy. Above all, these pieces are simple and honest, meant to entertain, reassure, and keep you company.

2. As a comedian who writes for his shows, you write overall in your life a lot. What is your writing/creative process like? I have found that it's a mistake to wait around for inspiration; I show up every day, and eventually, the muse takes pity on my soul and provides it! There is no idea too ridiculous; the second one comes to mind, I write it down. Also, a lot changed when I gave myself 100% permission to be a writer/comedian; commitment and consistency is more powerful than fear and resistance. Enjoy yourself.

3. Who are some authors that have inspired you in your life? Tolstoy, Roth, Salinger, Ames, M. Davis, Simon, Shields, Lamott, Rivers.

4. What books are you currently reading now? I'm reading Neil Simon's trilogy of plays with the protagonist Eugene Morris Jerome.

5. Why is it important for people in all walks of life to continue to learn/read? I miss reading complete sentences and proper punctuation. Social media has changed things, of course. If we want to preserve the magic of longer attention spans and a rich imagination, reading books is a great start! The smell of stale paper with coffee stains, in a book I can still hold in my hand, is a wonderful part of life.

6. What's next for you as we get set for 2023? I am busy performing as a stand-up comedian in comedy clubs and elsewhere, as well as performing my one-man show, Just Get Over It: A Hilarious Meditation On Death. It is loosely based on This Is How I Spell Grief. There may be another book as well.

7. How can we buy your books? You can buy my books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble (online), and my website:

8. Anything else related to your books you'd like to include? My books have been all over the map - humor, grief, law school, essays, poems, novels, self-help, maybe next I'll break into the Twilight or Teen Wolf fan fiction market! Who knows?

Follow Erik’s journey and go see his new show at:


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