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Rylee Meek Has A Kingdom Of New Books Coming Your Way

World famous entrepreneur, coach, speaker, podcast host and best-selling author Rylee Meek is releasing some new books that are sure to blow your mind!

Back in 2010, Rylee started his first Social-Dynamic Sales Company and in the first six months he was able to generate 2.1 million in sales and over the next few years over $150 million in revenue. Now, over 10 years later, he is letting everyone in on his trade secrets and helping business owners across the country create a predictable, sustainable and scalable business using the very same strategies.

We spoke to Rylee to find out more about his ‘Kingdom’ of books on the horizon and how following his faith and being a man of God has helped him overall in life!

Tell us about your new books!

The Kingdom Entrepreneur Books are a 3 part series of what I feel God has slowly been laying on my heart and ultimately revealing to me since the age of 15. I fell in love with the concept of entrepreneurship at this age and have been on a continual pursuit since. At first, I think most people fall in love with the idea or dream of making a lot of money, and then ultimately freedom. Atleast, that's what I was attracted to! But over the past 20 years God has revealed to me so much more. I believe we are all born "entrepreneurs" and over time it is "taught" out of us. I'm sure this has happened differently over the past 2000 years but it has increased substantially over the past 130 years, dating back to the industrial revolution. While some of us have somehow been "unscathed" by the indoctrination of an employee mindset, we are all experiencing what this ultimately does to culture and society as a whole.

In order to fully understand The Kingdom Entrepreneur Series, we first need to define entrepreneurship. The root, French word is entreprendre, which simply means "to undertake"

I mentioned an employee mindset previously, so let's address what I mean. Entrepreneurship is a mindset, meaning we are willing to undertake - Conversely, I use an employee mindset as someone who is not willing to undertake, but simply accepts the cards he's been dealt, living a life of mediocrity, with no real desire for more. And unfortunately in the Christian community, we settle for living a "comfortable" life, working 40-50 years, retiring, and then dying, with the hopes of getting into heaven.

Living in America, we have become so accustomed to this lifestyle, but I know God has so much more instore for those that are willing "To Undertake"

In this 3 part series I highlight God's original plan for creation, and man's call to continually create, and ultimately increase what we have been given.

The first book in the series: The 7-Day Blueprint reveals God's proven template to creating fruitful relationships, successful businesses, and a fulfilling life.

And He has given us an instructional manual on how to live this fulfilling life. Diving into scripture, there is no doubt that God's Word contains creative power. And His manual, or what I like to call our playbook, starts in the book of Genesis.

The first thing God reveals about Himself in Scripture is not that He is holy, all-knowing, omnipotent, loving, gracious, or even just. The First thing that I find fascinating, is that God shows us that He is creative! In Genesis, God creates! Out of nothing, He creates. It says the earth was formless and empty, and from the darkness, He spoke and created, not just for Himself, but for the good of others!

As a Kingdom Entrepreneur I believe we are called to do the same. By stepping into our true calling, co-creating with our Creator we bring glory to God, and with his ability, create wealth and provision for the purpose of confirming His covenant on Earth.

2. You have written a lot... What is your writing/creative process like?

I like to break this up into multiple different chunks of time, Which has been a huge area of growth for me. I'm usually the type that just wants to accomplish the task or complete the project so we can move onto the next thing. I think as an entrepreneur, we're somewhat wired that way. We want to conquer and then move on, but God has really matured and grown me in this process. One thing that's really helped in developing content for this series or my past books on marketing and/or sales was to record content for my podcasts. As I would spend time in prayer and scripture, I would ingest what I was reading, but more importantly, I have recognized the importance of taking the time to digest what God is revealing to me and then ask myself why. What really helps, is to verbalize my thoughts and then receive feedback from others. From there I am then able to elaborate on particular topics or key points that I feel God has highlighted to me, or that others seem to be drawn to. Talking through my content has really been helpful in further developing my thought process regarding each particular book, chapter, etc.

3. Who are some authors that have inspired you in your life?

Craig Groeschel - His leadership principles have been great. I enjoy how he breaks down his teachings and books into practice takeaways and application.

Robert Morris - His books are all easy to read and digest as I had mentioned before.

Myles Munroe - His teaching and writings on The Kingdom have really been helpful for me to understand scripture.

4. What books are you currently reading now?

God's Lavish Grace by Terry Virgo. Pearls of the King by Lee Domingue. Bending Time by Dan McCollam.

5. Why is it important for entrepreneurs to continue to learn/read?

I'm a firm believer that we are continually either progressing or regressing. Sure, we may have different seasons of life but my commitment is to continually grow until I'm called home. Until then, the single greatest way to learn is to read and glean from others experiences and perspectives. My definition of entrepreneurship is "to undertake", and the absolute best way "to undertake" any particular task or endeavor is to do it together. Whether that means physically, together, or mentally, and emotionally by learning from another entrepreneur's content. In anything, if you want to go fast it's easy to go alone, but if you want to go far, you have to go together.

6. What's next for you for the rest of 2022 and as we get set for 2023?

My primary focus is to steward well what God has given me now. While we have tremendous vision and what I believe God has been preparing in advance for us with leading The King's Council family, have learned to be present, and where my feet are. That being said, We will be releasing books 2 & 3 of The Kingdom Entrepreneur Series throughout next year. A number of speaking engagements have been booked and we will be hosting our own events called Kingdom Business Advancements. In addition I have vision for, and look forward to working through the creative process of a couple other books highlighting The Kingdom Economy.

Learn more about Rylee and his new releases at:


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