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UnPopular Opinions Anthology Series Announces Second Edition Essay Contest, Exploring the Impact of HBCUs

"UnPopular Opinions Anthology," the literary project edited by Kelsie Tillage, is set to captivate readers again with its second edition. This anthology provides a thought-provoking platform for individuals to share their unique perspectives on various topics; this time, it delves into the world of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

Following the successful launch of the first edition in Fall 2022, Kelsie Tillage's "UnPopular Opinions Anthology" is back, ready to engage readers in meaningful reflection and discussion. The first edition, self-published on Amazon and available at Red Stick Reads bookstore, garnered enthusiasm from readers and essay writers who embraced the opportunity to contribute to this eye-opening collection.

Kelsie Tillage, the visionary behind the anthology, believes everyone has something valuable to express and a yearning for a voice. In a society marked by the prevalence of cancel culture, many individuals hesitate to voice their unpopular opinions out of fear of backlash or societal pressure. Recognizing the importance of creating a safe space for such discussions, Kelsie Tillage designed the anthology to encourage open dialogue, regardless of how unconventional the viewpoints may be.

"When I initiated the UnPopular Opinions Essay Contest, it was because I firmly believed that everyone's voice deserves recognition," remarked Kelsie Tillage. "In an era where fear and conformity often silence diverse perspectives, I wanted to provide a secure environment where individuals could freely share their thoughts, no matter how unpopular they might seem."

For the second edition, the anthology invites writers to share their thoughts on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). The essay prompt for this edition asks, "What are your thoughts or opinions, whether they align with the mainstream or diverge from it, on HBCUs?" This topic is especially relevant given the recent surge in prominence and enrollment at HBCUs spurred by changes in affirmative action policies.

Participants in the UnPopular Opinions Essay Contest are encouraged to express their views respectfully and constructively. The anthology maintains a strict policy against hate speech and ensures anonymity during the evaluation and publishing process to ensure that backgrounds and perspectives do not influence scoring.

Kelsie Tillage has always admired the power of diverse opinions and how life experiences shape them. With the second edition of "UnPopular Opinions Anthology Essay Contest" slated for release in January 2024, she hopes to continue fostering meaningful discussions and exploring the rich tapestry of human perspectives.

Suppose you have something to say about HBCUs, whether you are a current student, a prospective student, an alumni, or intrigued by the topic. In that case, we invite you to contribute your thoughts: detailed entry guidelines and rules at

About the author:

Kelsie Tillage, a freshman at Spelman College, has already amassed an impressive array of accomplishments. Elected as the Third-Floor Representative of Abby Hall and appointed as a student intern with the Student Government Association, Tillage has quickly emerged as a leader among her peers.

Inspired by her anthology series – "Unpopular Opinions," which was published while in high school, she decided to join the college newspaper. She was selected as an intern with the Spelman’s Blueprint Newspaper where she will soon contribute her column. Amidst her busy schedule, Tillage finds time to forge friendships with Morehouse and Spelman students. She dedicates herself to volunteering, notably with the Sisters in Sync organization, focusing on mental health and positive campus changes.

Her dedication to academic excellence, leadership, and community service is clear. As a testament to her remarkable journey, Tillage has been chosen by the Office of Alumnae Engagement and the Student Government Association to represent Spelman at the prestigious annual Spelman On the Hill Excursion in Washington, D.C., an honor reserved for a select group of students. This marks a fitting conclusion to her first term at college, highlighting her exceptional potential and commitment.


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