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Zack Teperman is sick of the BS!

Popular Hollywood publicist and best-selling and award-winning author Zack Teperman is sick of people making up excuses about why they can’t succeed, and so is revealing all his secrets for success in his new book, Enough of the Bull$hit!

While Teperman - President of public relations agency ZTPR - has many years of experience working with high profile celebrities, entrepreneurs and companies, for this book he had famous friends David Meltzer, Jordan Belfort aka The Wolf of Wall Street and Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban come forward with further insights to help readers.

Together, Teperman and the experts dive deep into the world of PR and Marketing, and how companies, actors, musicians, athletes, etc. can think outside of the box to get people paying attention to them.

We asked Teperman a few questions about the book and why people are loving his “no BS” approach to how he advises them to get stuff done.


1. What is the key to success as an author you have found?

Honestly, as much as I’ve now written a couple books, I don’t see myself as an “author”, but more so as someone who just has some thoughts on certain subjects and I just want people to know these ideas, as they are very basic, but can help change the course of their careers/lives. I think success though overall comes from giving your all, having a passion for whatever it is you do, and being open minded. So, with these traits in mind, I’ve been able to succeed by my own definition in various fields, but success is ongoing, and I’m not done yet!

2. Why is this new book of yours needed right now?

The pandemic was a blessing and curse for many people, in all walks of life. But it also brought forward an opportunity for everyone to evaluate their lives and what they are doing to make money. While some people found new ways to make money, pivot or do what they love, others haven’t been able to get their new ideas off the ground, and so this book simply gives them the ideas and guidelines in getting the proper exposure on whatever it is they are doing, whether they have a budget for PR or not. I wanted to put together all the ideas and strategies I use myself at my company and give them to the reader to be able to put into action in their own line of work. As I say in my book, you can have the best product, service or talent, but if nobody knows about it, is it really the best?! So, this book gives people the path forward in getting people to KNOW about it all!

3. You brought in some amazing people to give additional insights. How did that come to be?

All three of these people are totally different, yet the same in many ways too. They all have had success and failures in different industries, and so bringing in some of their quotes and viewpoints on certain topics was a no-brainer. While people may not know about me fully, I’m sure many have heard of these others, so maybe they trust them more?! And when putting strategies into action, you need to trust the words and advice of the person/people giving it, so I hope people who read this book can learn and be able to trust all of us, or at least some of us.

6. What quote helps motivate you on a daily basis?

Doug Ellin, the creator of the TV series, Entourage, had a book called The Gold Standard: Rules to Rule By, come out years back based on one of his characters, Ari Gold. In it, Ari says, “Loving your work doesn’t mean finding a job you can tolerate for eight hours a day, but rather a job that gets you flying out of bed in the morning like a Jack Russell who just had a firecracker stuffed up his ass.” - That quote couldn’t be more true, and every day I wake up with that fire. I actually don’t even see my work as work, which is a beautiful thing.

7. Will we see additional follow-up books in the future?

Right now I am going to let this one sink into the people who read it or ask me always for quick tips. But yes, I’m sure down the line I’ll write another, whether it be on the topics of PR or maybe just some crazy and wild experiences I’ve been through, but in a fun character-story type of book. As Justin Bieber once said, “Never Say Never!”

To get a copy of Teperman’s new book, search it on Amazon, check out your local book retailers or follow Teperman on Instagram at @zackteperman or his website


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